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If A Title Shot Isn’t Possible, Jaron Ennis Wants Keith Thurman Next

Posted on 10/31/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Jaron Ennis looked into the center of the camera and promised to put on a show. Thomas Dulorme, however, simply shook his head in disapproval. The Puerto Rican native heard all of the rumors surrounding the talent of the Philadelphia native but refused to believe the hype. Now, in just over a minute and a half, Dulorme understands what everyone was talking about.

Both Ennis and Dulorme officially locked horns at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino, in Las Vegas, Nevada late last night. Despite Dulorme being a battle-tested rugged warrior, his chin simply couldn’t stand up to the power of his much younger man. As the 31-year-old crumbled from the first big blow landed by Ennis, he attempted to fight fire with fire.

With Dulorme pinning his ears back and going full throttle, Ennis patiently waited until he found the right opening just a few seconds later. The win for Ennis, by and large, was expected. Although at the age of 24, Ennis has plenty of time to capture his first championship, he’s hoping that his title reign happens sooner, rather than later.

“Whatever belt I’m ranked the highest in. I think that’s the IBF so that’s where we going,” said Ennis following his victory. “That’s Spence and he got the WBC and IBF, if I get that, that’ll be perfect.”

Presently, Ennis occupies a high ranking in each of the four sanctioning bodies. Ennis is ranked number three in the IBF, number five in both the WBA and WBO, and number six in the WBC.

Regardless of his top-tier placement, Ennis is well aware that he could be forced to wait until he achieves mandated status. If for some reason, a current titleholder at 147 pounds is unwilling to give Ennis a title shot next, he would love the opportunity to take on a former unified champion.

“I’ll take Ugas, if I can’t get Ugas I’ll take the winner of Crawford vs. Porter. If I can’t get that one, give me Keith Thurman.”

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