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IBF Press Release

Posted on 05/27/2010

On Tuesday, May 25, 2010, the Board of Directors of the IBF/USBA called a special meeting to address issues concerning the governance of the organization. Concerns had grown among some of the Board members regarding the President, Ms. Muhammad’s, management of the organization and whether or not certain actions and decisions were in the best interest of the organization or were fiscally sound. During the meeting, a vote was taken and, by a majority vote, Ms. Muhammad was removed from her position as President of the organization, a position she has held since October 2001. She was also removed as one of the directors.

The decision to take these actions was not an easy one, as the Board had great appreciation for Ms. Muhammad’s dedication to the organization from its inception. This was not a matter of personal differences, but a matter of concern as to the leadership and management of the IBF. Former Ratings Chairman Daryl J. Peoples, who has been with the IBF since 1995, was appointed by the Board of Directors as President. He will serve for the remainder of Ms. Muhammad’s term. Lindsey E. Tucker has also been re appointed to his post of Championships Chairman. Mr. Peoples’ former position of Ratings Chairman remains open, but will be filled in the near future.

The IBF/USBA now looks forward to an informative and productive annual convention in Puerto Rico next week and to continuing as one of the leading sanctioning organizations in the world with the help of its membership.

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