How Tito Trinidad Would Like To Be Remembered

One of the most exciting and charismatic champions of the modern era was the Puerto Rican superstar Felix Trinidad. With his friendly, engaging personality, love for the sport and all his fans and exciting style with devastating knockout power, Trinidad will be forever beloved by the sport for the style and class he always demonstrated. But how would Trinidad like to be remembered by boxing?

“I want to be remembered as a great champion,” said the former Welterweight, Super Welterweight and Middleweight king this past weekend in New York. “That always went into the ring and gave my best as a fighter and fought for all my fans, as a person – that I did my best in everything I do.”

He did his best, always competed in top condition and will always be remembered for his skill, scythe-like left hook and the joy he injected into the sport with his beaming smile in and out of the ring.

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