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How HBO Can Force Floyd To Fight Pacquiao

Posted on 06/16/2010

Who really is the boss in American boxing? Is it HBO? Or is it Floyd Mayweather? Who really calls the shots?

There is only one fight that matters and it’s already six months overdue. It can’t be delayed any longer.
Mayweather vs. Pacquiao must be made now. If Floyd backs out again now, it means he clearly does not want to fight Pacquiao and he NEVER will fight Pacquiao.

If that’s what’s in the cards, the truth will be that Floyd is of no use for the boxing powers that be. World tours in Dubai or exhibitions against overmatched handpicks will not uphold the calibre of quality sports entertainment HBO is accustomed to televising.

The boxing powers that be have invested millions in building and promoting Floyd for the eventual big payoff. The big payoff is the Pacquiao fight. And it’s a very BIG payoff.

If Floyd refuses to fight Pacquiao – as many suspect is his secret agenda – he will no longer be of any use to the powers that be who should then look to shun Floyd – and invest and build up and promote other fighters for the eventual huge payoff superfight which may take about five or even ten years to produce.

Before Floyd backs out again, there is a way HBO can prevent that from happening. HBO can influence Floyd’s decision by informing him politely that if he does not want to fight Pacquiao now, the network will adjust their dealings and subsequently only pay Floyd percentages out of his pay-per-view numbers, with no guarantees. The numbers don’t lie, right?

Floyd always insists he is the biggest draw in boxing, that’s his signature mantra. So let him live by the sword — or die by the sword.

HBO can say, “Floyd, business hasn’t been so terrific recently and we really needed that Pacquiao fight. Now we are going to make a change. Since you won’t fight Pacquiao, your future paydays from HBO will be determined by your drawing power. There will be no guarantees. This should work out well for you, like you say, the numbers don’t lie.” Golden Boy will likely do as HBO requests.

Or if Floyd opts to use his retirement scheme again as the method of ducking the fight, then HBO can give the TV dates to Caballero, Cloud, Adamek, Gamboa, Bute, Jacobs, Korobev, Mike Jones, and other fine young talents.

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