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Hopkins vs. Ruiz or Haye Next?

Posted on 03/25/2010

Bernard Hopkins sounded as sharp and smart as he ever has before on the Wednesday afternoon conference call from his Miami Beach training camp (transcript to follow).

When Bernard Hopkins has a big fight to pump up his adrenaline and sharpen his senses, there is no man more intriguing to listen to break down the opponent mentally and physically. As usual with Bernard, he dropped some bombs about “the mob” that runs boxing today, how he feels he has a mental advantage over all opponents, why he thinks Ruiz has a shot to upset Haye in London, inside info about the 17-year rivalry between himself and Jones, and so much more.

Some tidbits:

Hopkins says he started the career of Jones in 1993 in their first title fight in Washington DC and he will end it in 2010.

John Ruiz has a habit of pulling rabbits out of his hat and the Quiet Man is promoted by Golden Boy.

Over time all great boxers lose their ability to do certain things but they learn to camaflouge those shortcomings.

Why he feels the fight promotion should be called “Personal” and not “Rivarly.”

(Much more to follow as soon as Kelly Swanson sends that transcript! Some tickets are still available for the Hopkins vs. Jones “Rivalry” on April 3 in Las Vegas.)

Bernard Hopkins is without a doubt one of the greatest fighters in history and certainly the most fascinating character in the sport today. Stay tuned for more…

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