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HBO Determined To Produce Pacquiao vs. Mayweather

Posted on 11/02/2010

HBO Prez Ross Greenburg seems 100% determined to make Pacquiao vs. Mayweather a reality for 2011, according to his recent statements to AOL Fanhouse’s Lem Satterfield.

Greenburg insists the fight was close to being made twice for this year. “Both times, the fight was very close to being made,” Greenburg told Satterfield. “And, the second time around, you know, all that I can say is that you would have to ask Floyd Mayweather why the fight wasn’t made. To this day, I really don’t know why Floyd decided that he didn’t want the fight any more in the fall.”

“To this day, I don’t know why he wanted to take some more time off,” said Greenburg. “Only Floyd has that answer. I certainly don’t have that answer. But, you know, it was very close. It was so, so, close. I think that it was so close that I don’t think that it’s going to take much to make the fight the third time around.”

This sounds encouraging for boxing fans around the world. First, it appears all the contract details are settled. And second, it sounds like HBO is against funding or promoting any silly Mayweather world tours against disadvantaged opposition in London or Dubai. Greenburg is saying, he expects Mayweather to simply sign his name to the contract – if, of course, Pacquiao takes care of the Margarito business in Dallas.

“I have to remain optimistic,” stated Greenburg. “But before we get there, there are a lot of things in the way. One of those things is Antonio Margarito. The other is Floyd Mayweather having to deal with his personal life in Las Vegas. Those are two, big obstacles.”

“But if we can clear those hurdles, then, I’m pretty optimistic about that fight happening if we get a shot at making it again. I have to be optimistic.”

Evidently, Greenburg firmly believes Mayweather will overcome his reluctance and take the fight with Pacquiao, and no high-priced tune-ups against the likes of Matt Hatton or Nate Campbell are part of the HBO plan. “Yes. I do believe that if Floyd can clear up his situation in Las Vegas, then, yes, I do believe that we would see Floyd Mayweather back in the ring again,” he said. “And the only logical fight for Floyd Mayweather is Manny Pacquiao — that is, if he’s still standing.”

To the large contingent of ring observers that vehemently believe Mayweather is a coward and deathly afraid of being knocked out by Pacquiao, these words by Greenburg are far from promising though. Words are a lot different than actions, as we know by the examples of the great talker of Mayweather. Mayweather has already proven he will do or say anything to squirm his way out of having to fight Pacquiao and the only way to prevent Mayweather from successfully ducking Pacquiao again in 2011 will be for HBO to take away all of his other options, meaning do not pay a cent for any Mayweather fight unless it involves Manny Pacquiao.

We will soon see if Ross Greenburg is strong enough to play this kind of hardball with Mayweather and his advisor Al Haymon, considering of course that Pacquiao will defeat Margarito.

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