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HBO and Golden Boy Can Give Floyd Ultimatum

It’s a good sign that Ross Greenburg, head of HBO sports, is fully devoted to seeing Pacquiao vs. Mayweather become a reality. Now that HBO truly wants the fight made – according to earlier released quotes from Greenburg – it remains to be seen if Richard Shaeffer of Golden Boy is also willing to put additional pressure on Mayweather to take the fight.

Mayweather calls himself his own boss but really he is nothing without HBO. Schaeffer is a suspected ally to Mayweather who has shown public positions and statements that tend to protect Mayweather and enable him to keep on handpicking safe opponents.

Most insiders and fans expect the fight to be made because of the massive jackpot at the end of the rainbow, however the number of excuses Floyd has stated to the media this week to avoid the fight are not a good sign. And considering Mayweather’s career philosophy of ducking and dodging dangerously risky opponents – how could anyone expect him to change his ways now? Now all the sudden, Floyd is going to fight the most deadly beast the sport has seen since Mike Tyson? This after he already shamelessly ducked Margarito, Cotto and Mosley?

Team Mayweather is still griping about how they are the bigger draw and deserve a significantly larger piece of the pie – almost as if they will use that hardline as their way out of the fight, if need be. We tried to make the fight, they will say, but Arum and Pacquiao wouldn’t budge or compromise on our demands.

If it gets to that point, that’s where HBO and Golden Boy should step in. HBO and Golden Boy should explain to Floyd that he will make much more money – perhaps around $25-30 million – with Pacquiao at 50-50 then he will for his next fight with Matthew Hatton or Dimitri Salita or whatever handpicks they have on their agenda.

But HBO and Golden Boy should consider giving Floyd an ultimatum. You know what Floyd? We gave you everything you wanted your whole career. Now we want this one fight for 50-50, against a man you say knows he can’t beat you – if you won’t give us this fight with Pacquiao, we don’t have to televise or promote your next fight. We don’t have to pay you either. We want this fight now Floyd. Do you understand?

And why would HBO and Golden Boy want to try to sell the public a Mayweather vs. Salita or Hatton fight when everyone wants Mayweather vs. Pacquiao NOW? Floyd can have those fights next, after Pacquiao, if he opts.

My senses tell me HBO’s Greenburg clearly looks 100% on board with making Floyd vs. Pacquiao NOW. Which is very important because HBO is one of the reasons that Floyd became the handpicking duck dodger he is now, HBO, for whatever reasons or pressures, enabled it. But now finally the tables have turned.

And it’s important that Richard Schaeffer and Golden Boy must also be unified in support of HBO. If Schaeffer will take actions to force Mayweather to accept the fight with Pacquiao, then it’s checkmate. Floyd Mayweather will finally be cornered and will have to accept the reality that he must step into the ring once and for all with a devastating prime monster in Manny Pacquiao which will show the world finally, once and for all, just how great or fraudulent his skills that pay the bills really are.

And it very, very well might be the greatest, most sensational boxing event in the history of the sport. Which will generate a revenue explosion unlike any the sport has ever experienced before.

But if Floyd backs down from being forced by HBO and Golden Boy to fight Pacquiao, the sad truth will be known that Floyd Mayweather is indeed a coward and a fraud.

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