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Hank Lundy Interview: Tell Mauricio Herrera he better stop that talk

By: Francisco Martinez

Hank Lundy and Mauricio Herrera may not like each other but if you follow boxing both fighters have been on the same career path. So it’s no surprise they’re fighting each other today at the L.A. Sports arena. In what will be the last fight to take place in the historic vanue, it only make sense it goes out with a “bang”. Lundy vs. Herrera promises just that. Two days before the card takes place both where in attendance at the Westside boxing club in Los Angeles and so was, little did we know that the “main event” almost took place right there and then. As Lundy and Herrera got into a heated exchange of words that lead to physical contact from both camps right before a packed gym full with media and cameras of all sorts. managed to get a “Q & A” with Hammerin Hank Lundy right before the chaos began. This are the less then kind words Lundy had to say about his opponent Mauricio Herrera and Floyd Mayweather Jr. himself.

HerreraLundyWeighIn_Hoganphotos “Lundy you had a back an forward with Karim Mayfield. Mayfield is now in the sweepstakes for Mayweather. How do feel about that being that you guys could potentially fight each other in the future? Is he worthy of Mayweather?”

Hank Lundy: “I’m going to tell you like this, Karim Mayfield is easy work for Hank Lundy. He’s not even on my level and that’s another thing I looked at when he fought Herrera, he beat Herrera. Karim Mayfield, I’m not over looking him but he don’t belong in the ring with me” “What about Mayweather, does he belong in the ring with Mayweather?”

Hank Lundy: “Karim Mayfield?” “Yeah, he’s in the sweepstakes”

Hank Lundy: “I think that’s a joke and if Mayweather feels some type of way, I believe first and foremost I can be a better opponent to fight Mayweather. Bring somebody to the table that got speed, punching power, that can fight in angles that can do the same thing Floyd do. I’m a splitting image of Floyd, let’s get it”

(Most boxers and fans are criticizing Floyd Mayweather Jr. for stating that the two front leading candidates are Andre Berto and Karim Mayfield for his “last fight” before retiring later this year. From Keith Thurman to Oscar De La Hoya, Hank Lundy is the most recent one) “Mayweather learned a lot from the Philly gyms. You’re from Philadelphia, do you think you can give him all the trouble in world? You can bring that 0 to him?”

Hank Lundy: “Listen man, I’ll give Floyd all he can handle. He would never fight a guy like me first of all. I’m hungry and he knows I’m going to come after him. Did you ever see Floyd with a guy besides Shane Mosley, a guy with hand speed. A guy that can change up. A guy that can adapt. Put him in the ring with a guy like Hank Lundy, let’s see what happens? Let’s see if he got the balls to withstand what he do to people. I’m not talking, it’s real talk with me. He would never fight a guy like me” “Watching Porter do the way he did to Broner how did that make you feel being that you helped him prepare for that fight? You where his main sparring partner and all of that”

Hank Lundy: “Listen man, that goes to show you Hammerin Hank belongs in there with the elite fighters. I can bang at 147lbs too” “He said you weren’t the principal that your just a pupil like Danny Garcia…” (Interrupts)

Hank Lundy: “Man listen, tell Mauricio Herrera he better stop that talk because I’m one of them guys to smack you in your mouth before the fight. I’m raw and uncut. I’ll tell you I gives no fucks, you know what I mean. I’m ready to fight. He better watch his mouth because y’all know how I may get”

(As the media day workouts came to a close Hank Lundy approached Mauricio Herrera and his team. They exchanged heated words and then a push from Herrera ignited a chaotic sequence of events. From team Herrera wanting to go at Lundy and loud verbal insults being shouted back and forward after the physical altercation was defused)

Photo: Tom Hogan – Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions

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