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Guarantee: Floyd Will Not Sign The Contract To Fight Pacquiao

A glimmer of hope remained that HBO and public pressure would persuade Floyd Mayweather to overcome his cowardice and sign the contract to fight Manny Pacquiao in November or May 2011.
But it’s not going to happen. Floyd Mayweather has colossal fears of getting beaten up and knocked out by Manny Pacquaio in front of the eyes of the world, and thus he will not sign the huge money contract currently in his possesion.

What sealed this conclusion for me was reading on Sunday at that Dan Goossen is already trying to make a Paul Williams vs. Pacquiao fight, if Floyd vs. Pacquiao fails to materialize.

I highly suspect Dan Goossen has inside information and already knows Floyd is not going to sign, as Dan Goossen guides the career of Williams along with Al Haymon who also advises Mayweather. Goossen and Haymon work together closely and have been associates together for years, with several fighters, including Chris Arreola.

Goossen must know the secret plans of Team Mayweather as does George Peterson, the trainer/manager of Williams, who as readers already know, informed me last December 2, 2009 that the Pacquiao-Mayweather fight “isn’t gonna happen. Some fights aren’t meant to be made.”

Goossen, moving like a pawn, is a smart chess move for Paul Williams and Floyd Mayweather, for Al Haymon’s agenda. When the proverbial you-know-what hits the fan next week – that Chicken Mayweather is going to duck Pacquiao AGAIN – Goossen and Haymon are a pair of shrewd operators and are already prepared to deflect the storm of criticism which will be directed at Mayweather. How can they do this? By immediately applying pressure on Pacquiao to fight Paul Williams next.

Many boxing fans and U.S. media will follow the cue and will ignore the truth that Floyd is pulling off the greatest duck in boxing history, as they will then pressure Pacquiao to fight Williams next, rather than a rematch with Miguel Cotto.

It’s a smart course of action, as all frauds can be covered up, including the great fraud that is Floyd Mayweather. But the intelligent ring observer will scratch his head and wonder why Dan Goossen is not targeting Mayweather for his fighter Paul Williams? Why does Dan Goossen have zero interest in even trying to make a Williams-Mayweather, All American showdown? Dan Goossen must know that all roads lead to Floyd Mayweather, right?

Because Dan Goossen knows his place and is very likely acting on orders by Haymon and Team Mayweather who know they are going to have some work to do trying to clean up all the damages after they shamelessly duck the biggest fight in boxing history next week.

So once again, I guarantee you that Floyd Mayweather will duck Manny Pacquiao again. And if you’re keeping count, I’m a perfect three for three on guarantees – twice on Floyd ducking Pacquiao (December, February) and once on Haye dodging Wladimir Klitschko. It’s just mind-boggling how much ducking and dodging is going on at the highest level of boxing these days. Who knows. Maybe it always was this way. It’s just that the truth is more obvious now.

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