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Green Destroys Roy Jones Jr.

Posted on 12/02/2009

At the weigh-in ceremony, IBO Cruiserweight champion Danny Green looked strikingly though not offensively confident. As he and Jones stared down after weighing in, Green suddenly slowly raised his right fist high in the air, as if communicating to observers non-verbally that this is the punch I will conquer Jones with.

It was. Jones looked physically in perfect condition for a 40-year-old but there is nothing left but memories and faint reminders of his once vaunted ring skills. This time he was in with a live, strong beast Danny Green. This was no Jeff Lacy or Omar Sheika to play around with. Green is a full-fledged cruiserweight with a powerful punch.

As Jones, cornered on the ropes, tried to bluff his way out with his arms outstretched high and low, the way he used to do in his younger days, Green didn’t buy it. He launched a single right hand that appeared to nail Jones above his left ear and he went down blankly. He got up but there was nothing left of the greatness that once propelled Jones to all-time greats status. he is finished now, a mere shell of a shell of what he once was.

Danny Green was victorious by a first-round KO…

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