Golota Says Pacquiao Would Beat Mayweather “Easy”

Former world heavyweight title challenger and 1988 Olympic bronze medalist showed no sign of hesitation when asked who he thought would win the biggest superfight in boxing history between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather. “Pacquiao is too much for him,” stated an emphatic Golota. “Too much. He beats him easy. Easy. Easy.”

Golota, who is visiting friends in the New York City area for a week, believes it is Pacquiao who has the edge in speed and punching power. “Mayweather was a great fighter when he was a super featherweight but he’s too small now. Pacquiao is so fast. He throws so many punches. Cotto is fast but Pacquiao made him look slow. Pacquiao is something else.”

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