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Get 2 Know Victor Ortiz

Posted on 06/01/2010

Status: Light welterweight boxer. His record is 26-2 (21 KO’s).

Ht: 5-9 Wt: 140

DOB: January 31, 1987 In: Garden City, Kansas

Boxing Heroes: “Sugar Shane Mosley, Mayweather, Bernard Hopkins is one of my all-time, and Oscar De La Hoya.”

Nicknames: “They call me Vicious and Junior [laughs].”

Hobbies/Leisure Activities: “I like to surf, I like to skateboard, I like to mountain bike with my buddies. And just to hang out. I don’t really do much. I’m kind of a party pooper [smiles].”

Early Boxing Memory: “I still remember walking into the arena. I was seven-years-old with a helmet on and my boxing gloves. I was so small the gloves came up to my forearms. And I won that fight. It was cool.”

Last Book Read: “Was, actually, just this morning. I finished it. It’s by Joel Osteen – My Best Time Now. It’s good.”

Favorite Movies: “Cruel Intentions is definitely one of my favorites.”

Favorite TV Shows: “I have quite a few. But Fresh Prince of Bel Air stands out.”

Musical Tastes: “I’m open to all genres – country, rock, 80’s, rap, R&B.”

First Job: “Was working out in corn fields, cleaning corn with some hoes. It was some tough stuff. I was 12-years-old.”

First Car: “Was a Lincoln LS. I was 17, shortly after pro-debuting. Worst investment ever [laughs].”

Current Car: “Is a Toyota Tacoma.”

Childhood Dreams: “When I was a young boy actually boxing was the last thing on my mind. I was actually, I’d sing for the school choir. And I used to do school solos. So boxing wasn’t part of it. My parents left me and everything. I just kind of progressed into this big fighter. And I became very good at it. (Still sing?) Not anymore. I leave that to different people.”

Pre-Fight Feeling: “A million thoughts run into your head. All the pros and cons, you know? I stay to my gameplan and listen to my coaches. Believe in them and myself.”

Greatest Sports Moment: “Was I became champion for the first time – of North America (TKO 5 Roberto Arrieta in 2008). It was awesome. A feeling you can’t take away.”

Most Painful Moment: “I definitely have to say, probably a month after I lost to Maidana maybe. Yeah. Then again, I didn’t really take that loss like you would a loss, so I can’t really say that. I think the most painful moment for me was probably breaking my hand. My wrist. (Versus who?) It was a sparring session before the fight. Then I went into the fight with a broken wrist. That was a little painful. Other than that, I’m good.”

Funny Boxing Memory: “One fight that will stick with me for a while was Nate Campbell trying to talk to me during the fight. I talked to him right back. He’s like, I’m gonna stop you right now. I’m getting you tired. I’m like, You kidding me?! You’re a three-time world champion, I’m having a blast being in there with you [smiles]. He looked at me like, Goddammit.”

Embarrassing Boxing Memory: “Was first time at The Garden (KO 1 Carlos Maussa in 2007). I won and I went to the rope and whoa! I slipped. I almost fell but caught myself. That was pretty embarrassing.”

Your Best/Finest Performance: “I probably have to say against Antonio Diaz (RTD 7 in 2009). Felt like I did a lot of things right. Considering that in the past I had messed up a lot. But in that particular fight I just did a lot of things correct and right. As opposed to the Campbell fight when I did some things that weren’t right.”

People Qualities Most Admired: “I just like nice people. Anyone that is very nice, just outgoing and doesn’t act like their time is worth too much for someone. That, to me, is like, whoa, that’s awesome. Like I don’t like anyone that acts like their head’s in the clouds. Very cocky. I don’t like that, it bothers me.”

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