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Get 2 Know Peter Quillin

Status: Unbeaten middleweight boxer will face Fernando Zuniga on Feb. 6 in Newark. His record is 20-0 (15 KO’s).

Ht: 6-1 Wt: 160

DOB: June 22, 1983 In: Chicago, IL

Age Started Boxing: “I started boxing at 15. Now I’m 26 and well on my way to becoming world champion.”

First Boxing Memory: “Was my professional debut. I was nervous. The guy I fought was brought in to beat me I guess, but I overcame the odds and came out victorious and that’s what I’m looking to do once I win the championship of the world.”

Inspiration: “Is my father. He came from Cuba to this country without any shoes, without any shirt. Just a pair of pants. And he made something, he made me. And I’m trying to show him that everything I do is out of respect, that I got Cuba pumping in my heart.”

Favorite Boxers: “I have a few. Many boxers have a unique style, just like a rock – hard. You like a rock hard for certain reasons. I like Sugar Ray Leonard just because he was fast and very exciting to watch. I like Roberto Duran, he fought with his heart, he went in there to be a winner, Hands of Stone. I like Hagler. I like Joe Louis for what he stood for. Muhammad Ali. I don’t put a label on it. I like people who live without a form, without a shape, something you can’t measure. I take pride in that. I’m avidly trying to work hard and fill my own shoes. And make my own shoes. Kid Chocolate. Because that’s where I get the name from.”

Last Book Read: “Was The Bible. I read The Bible all the time. I try to keep my head there.”

Favorite Movies: “Was Fight Club, The Departed.”

Favorite TV Shows: “I don’t watch a lot of TV but I definitely watch a lot of Animal Planet, National Geographic. I try to expand my thoughts on the animal world.”

Musical Tastes: “Swizz Beatz, Ransom, DeBarge, Del Phonics, The Manhattans, Bread.”
Pre-Fight Meal: “Whatever I feel like eating.”

Typical Breakfast: “Today I had eggs sunnyside up, turkey bacon, blueberry waffles, hash browns, pulp orange juice.”

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: “Butter pecan.”

Favorite Fights: “So many to choose from. Probably because I was in attendance, I like Sergei Liakhovich vs. Lamon Brewster. One of the best heavyweight fights I’ve seen.”

Current Car: “Right now I drive several different cars – I drive a BMW, a Honda, A Cadillac.”

Greatest Sports Moment: “Knocking whoever out. I’m 20-0, 15 KO’s. Once they got get passed the second round, that’s the glory of my boxing career.”

Most Painful Moment: “Having a hand injury.”
Toughest Part Of Being A Boxer: “Just staying focused and having the drive to be the best. That’s where I try to keep focused and not let the other things bother me.”

Toughest Opponent: “Miranda.”

What Would You Be If You Weren’t A Boxer: “I’d be anything my mind will tell me to be. I kinda live life formless, (that’s) saying that I could be great at anything. If I wanted to go out there and become a professional baseball player, I’d be the best going at that.”

Training Routine: “It’s sort of like crazy and hard. I hit tires, flip tires, I do pushups, I do everything it takes to be world champion. Pilates, swimming, I workout people to keep me in the gym, just so I can know where I want to be in boxing. I train at Trinity Boxing Club downtown Manhattan.”

People Qualities Most Admired: “Leadership.”

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