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Get 2 Know Michael Moorer

Posted on 03/25/2010

Status: Former Heavyweight Champion and Light Heavyweight champion. First southpaw to ever win the Heavyweight title.

Ht: 6-2 Wt: 240

DOB: November 12, 1967 In: Brooklyn, NY

Childhood Heroes: “Matthew Saad Muhammad. He was always behind in his fights and he was always victorious. I used to train with him in the beginning. A very great, nice man. Low-key. Marvin Hagler. Salvador Sanchez. He was a fighter who was like a Chavez, a complete fighter and a hard puncher too. Alexis Arguello.”

Hobbies/Interests: “Shooting guns at targets. I don’t hunt, why waste innocent animals? Hangin’ out with my son.”

Nickname: Double M.

Favorite Movies: “I watch movies. If I like it, I watch it.”

Musical Tastes: “Slow, old music, some rap, classical. I like to listen to classical music when I make a long trip in a car – it relaxes me.”

Early Boxing Memory: “I used to cut my head bald when I had a full head of hair when I was 13. My friends used to call me Hagler and Marvelous.”

Childhood Ambitions: “Fireman, policeman.”

Favorite Meal: “Baked chicken breast with garlic.”

Favorite Breakfast Cereal: “Honey Combs.”

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: “Chocolate chip cookie dough.”

First Job: “Summer program. I did things like maintenance, raking leaves, cutting grass, painting, pouring cement (age 16).”

First Job: “1988 Nissan Maxima (smoke gray).”

Pre-Fight Feeling: “It’s always nervous. It’s human nature to be nervous. (Do you look at an opponent upon entering the ring?) Yeah. (To study – or send a message?) No. I just look at him. Just like I’m looking at you right now.”

Greatest Sports Moment: “The opportunity to fight for the Heavyweight championship of the world on April 22, 1994. Beating Evander Holyfield. Just to hear…’the new Heavyweight champion of the world…’ That meant a lot to me. (How did you celebrate?) I celebrated by going to the hospital after. I celebrated by eating some pizza and laying on the bed [laughs]. Had a big knot on my right arm. Have no idea how it happened.”

Most Painful Moment: “Never gave it a thought…of course, we can all answer that one. When I got knocked out by George Foreman (November 1994).”

Toughest Opponents: “All of them.”

Hardest Punchers Encountered: “All of them.”

Favorite Fights: “Holyfield-Bowe II. Moorer-Bert Cooper [smiles]. Sanchez-Gomez.”

People Qualities Most Admired: “Everybody for different reasons. I want everyone to respect me. I respect everybody.”

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