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Get 2 Know Aaron Pryor Jr.

Status: Super middleweight boxer. Record is 14-2 (11 KO’s).

Ht: 6-4 Wt: 168

DOB: June 16, 1978 In: Cincinnati, Ohio

First Boxing Memory: “My dad’s Alexis Arguello fight #2. In person. Being a young guy (age 6 or 7), being there, actually watching my dad perform, doing his thing. It didn’t all really soak in till I got older, I realized what a part of history that was. When I watch it again, the way my dad performed was amazing.”

Boxing Inspiration: “My dad really inspires me a lot in boxing. Just his heart, his courage, everything that he carried into the ring. I mean, dealing with problems inside the ring, outside the ring, he really inspires me a lot. In different ways.”

Nicknames: “I don’t have any nicknames. They call me AP, they call me the same things they called my dad, except The Hawk [laughs].”

Hobbies/Interests: “Play basketball, I used to be a basketball player. Till I started boxing. Mainly it’s my kids, my three boys. My life is surrounded basically by boxing and my children.”

Last Book Read: “Aw man…I read…I was at Emanuel Steward’s house – the Ali book. I think it was Life & Times by Thomas Hauser. I really enjoyed reading that.”

Favorite Movies: “I’m an 80’s guy. I like the 80’s movies – Weird Science, Last Dragon, corny movies.”

Favorite TV Show: “Martin Lawrence.”

Musical Tastes: “I love Jay Z. Lil Wayne. Those are my favorites, especially when I’m training.”

First Job: “I had a paper route. And I was handing out fliers door to door.”

First Car: “A little, like, I wanna say Pony/Escort (red).”

Current Car: “I have a Bonneville.”

Favorite Meal: “Pizza and Italian, pasta.”

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: “Strawberry.”

Pre-Fight Feeling: “I think about – replay everything what I wanna do in my head as far as my boxing, my movements. I just kinda go through the fight before I actually do go through it. Everything that I worked on in the gym, I replay it in my head.”

Greatest Sports Moment: “I’d have to say one of my toughest fights was on ESPN. That was one of my greatest moments so far. I’m pretty sure I have many more to come. That’s theone that sticks out to me the most. I was very nervous before that fight. Won by decision (W8 Alphonso Williams at Mohegan Sun in 2008). But that was the first fight I actually been hurt. It was a left hook. Right hand I saw coming but left hook I didn’t. I got too close. I was feeling really comfortable, was doing whatever I wanted to do. I got too close, he caught me. Hurt me. And I just had to weather the storm. I weathered the storm, had to settle down. First time I felt that ever since I was boxing. And I boxed with a lot of guys, that was the first time.”

Most Painful Moment: “First loss (L6 SD to Joshua Snyder). I lost two fights in my career (also L6 MD to Julius Kennedy). Mainly, I thought I could have done a lot to prevent those losses. I don’t think I really lost them in the ring, I felt like I lost them out of the ring. And I just wish that I could go back and re-do that. I’ve learned from those mistakes that I made and became a better fighter from it.”

Funny Boxing Memory: “I’ve had a lot of fun in training camps, I’ve been sparring partner for a lot of world champions – Kermit Cintron, Jermain Taylor, Wladimir Klitschko, Jonathon Banks. A lot of memories of clowning around, just doing stuff, bowling movies. Klitschko is actually a good dancer. He could dance, man. He’ll put his music on, he’ll play a lot of old school music like disco. You see the big guy just moving, dancing, it’s hilarious. He’s a good dancer. Kermit’s a nice guy, but very competitive. We had a lot of competitive matches on the pool table and bowling. Very competitive guy, funny. Jermaine is competitive too, in the sparring sessions. Very generous guy too. Does a lot of stuff behind the scenes with kids. I respect him a lot.”

Embarrassing Boxing Memory: “I don’t think I have an embarrassing boxing moment really.”

Favorite Boxers To Watch: “One of the guys I love to watch, who I learned a lot from is Jonathon Banks. Of course I love to watch Andy Lee, he’s a tricky southpaw. Real competitive sparring partner. Of course I like to watch Pacquiao – he reminds me a lot of my dad. I really like his energy. It’s gonna be a fight with Mayweather.”

Favorite Sport Outside Boxing: “Basketball, football. I’m a Cincinnati Bengal fan, love ’em to death.”

Childhood Dream: “Nothing to do with boxing. Boxing was all an accident for me. My mind was totally somewhere else. I liked basketball. I hadn’t been in a gym all my life. When I finished school I came to my dad – probably when I was 20 – I want to go to the gym, train a little bit. He just kinda looked at me, like, whatever. I’m thinking we’re gonna work together. He gives me to another coach. Do whatever you do. He didn’t think I was gonna be serious. That’s really how my career started. I trained for four months, then I had my first amateur fight. Then I fought for six or seven years amateur. I turned pro under Emanuel Steward.”

People Qualities Most Admired: “I’m a people-person. I love people, good, positive people, that got things
on their mind, to do things. That’s what I like to surround myself with.”

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