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George Peterson Q&A Part 2: We’ll Tear Floyd’s Head Off!

Here is Part 2 of our interview with one of America’s top boxing trainers today, George Peterson. In this candid Q&A, Peterson discusses Paul’s best warrior quality, how he became associated with Williams, and precisely how they would massacre Mayweather…

BoxingInsider: Your confidence in Paul Williams is pretty impressive. Your confidence almost seems more than he has in himself.

George Peterson: “I know him better than he knows himself. I train him, I know what level I can push him to. He doesn’t know. I know what button to push. To get him to put out. He don’t know. Lot of times he doesn’t know I’m pushing buttons. You know what I’m saying? What I’m trying to get is the output. What I’m trying to get, he still hasn’t reached his climax as of yet. I don’t know what he can do. Because he hasn’t got to that point where someone can push him to that point. Where he has to dig deep.”

BoxingInsider: When did you start with Paul?

George Peterson: “I started with Paul when he was about 17. He was kind of mischievous on the school bus, so the driver suggested he take that energy and use it in the boxing gym. By me being connected with boxing and running a professional gym at the time in Aiken (South Carolina), the bus driver knew to bring Paul to me.”

BoxingInsider: When did you first realize Paul Williams had this potential for greatness?

George Peterson: “When I first realized it…when I realized he could listen. When you get one that could listen and has this (points to his heart), you can teach ’em.”

BoxingInsider: The height and the heart.

George Peterson: “No I don’t go with the height. Remember Too Tall Jones? He had height too [smiles]. (Ed Jones, the All Pro 6-ft, 7-in defensive end for the Dallas Cowboys in the 1970-80’s halted his NFL career in his prime to try boxing and went unbeaten at 7-0-1 but showed minor talent. His first fight was televised on CBS but he was dropped early by opponent Yaqui Menesis.) So it’s not height. I hear it all the time. Height, height. Mike Tyson wasn’t a tall guy. But he was devastating. Height, reach, I don’t play into that.”

BoxingInsider: It takes more than that.

George Peterson: “It takes more than that.”

BoxingInsider: What would you say are his best qualities and attributes?

George Peterson: “His best quality is having the will to win. He knows how to win. When you get a fighter that’s a winner and knows how to win, man I tell you, you got a helluva fighter. But when you got a fighter that doesn’t have confidence in himself, you know what I mean?”

BoxingInsider: Earlier we spoke off the record, and you told me Paul Williams would handle Floyd Mayweather pretty easily. Why do you think that?

George Peterson: “Well, I’m gonna let you answer that.”

BoxingInsider: I agree. I believe Paul dominates Floyd quite easily. I just want to hear you talk about it.

George Peterson: “Well, Paul does a lot of things. People love to see him because they don’t know what to expect from this guy. He doesn’t set a pattern. If you’re looking for him to follow a pattern, you’re not gonna get it. Who gives you that [imitates Floyd’s shoulder roll defense]? That wouldn’t work with us. [Imitates again Floyd on defense.] This wouldn’t work with us. He has this [Peterson points to the top sides of his head.] But we’ll tear that off. The top part. It got to come off [laughs]. You know what I’m saying? He tucks his chin like this. Oh, so I can’t get to the head? We don’t want his chin [laughs and points to the top sides of his head, indicating they want Floyd’s head not chin.]”

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