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Forget Mediation, Fraud Will Duck Pacquiao

I’m gonna take a chance and write what I believe today at 9 a.m. on this January 6 Wednesday morning.

Don’t get your hopes up. This is all just another futile charade by the fraud. March 13 isn’t gonna happen, George Peterson and Bernard Hopkins already told us.

The fraud has his out – the random blood test the week of the fight. The fraud saw that video before the Morales loss and knows Pacquiao won’t budge on it. And Pacquiao shouldn’t.
The fraud doesn’t want this fight and he never did. It’s too risky. He didn’t even want it before what happened to Cotto on November 14. And Bob Arum was right, this fraud is indeed a “psychological coward.”

The fraud is also a known liar. Boxing would die without him. God doesn’t want him to lose. He made $12 million for Baldomir. He’ll fight Margarito any time any where, just as long as Bob Arum shows him the money. The Philippines has the best performance enhancing drugs. Pacquiao doesn’t want to fight me because he knows he can’t beat me. Cotto knows he can’t beat me, and he’s a punching bag. Bob Arum doesn’t want to do business with me. I’ll fight Mosley for $25 million guaranteed. They better be prepared to pay me $100 million if they want me to come our of retirement. $200 million liquid. $20 million for one night of work from WWE.

The fraud is a coward who lies and deceives and also manipulates his protectors to lie and deceive on his behalf. They survive because no one can accept the plain truth – this fraud is a coward who only handpicks safe, easy opponents and will never ever fight a beast who can brutally knock him out.

Bob Arum, HBO, most fans, most media refuse to believe this. They can’t believe it. They all still believe the fraud will eventually come to his senses because the money is too much. They don’t realize this is a megalomaniac fraud who is playing them all for suckers. But underneath the delusions of grandeur is a coward child who absolutely knows who can knock him out and crash the house of cards he’s carefully constructed.

This fraud knows Margarito, Cotto, Mosley and Pacquiao all will beat the shit out of him and he will use any excuse and reason to avoid being physically humiliated and exposed. He will lie and deceive, he will even bring down the sport if he has to. He will also use assassination of character tactics via baseless accusation and insinuations of steroid use to maintain his fraud.

This fraud will discredit any man, any legend that stands in his way, including Sugar Ray Leonard. He will call his family HBO racist when they speak the truth. This fraud would have used the same dirty filthy tactics to duck Duran, Leonard, Hearns, Robinson, Ali, all of whom would have been smeared by himself and his protectors as cheaters or steroids users. Just so this coward could go on his merry ducking way, polluting the sport with his garbage act.

I believe George Peterson, a colleague of Al Haymon by way of managing Paul Williams, knew of the secret plan by this fraud to duck Pacquiao as far back as December 2, well before the steroid excuse was first used. A disgusted George Peterson actually told me, point blank, this fight “is not gonna happen. Some fights aren’t meant to be made.” I believe George Peterson is disgusted at this ccowardly fraud who is a shame on our great sport, and wanted the truth to be known.

This fraud will never put himself in a position to be brutally knocked out, where the images of that brutal knockout will be shown repeatedly all over the world till the end of time, on TV replays, You Tube and photography. The fraud knows he’ll be slaughtered by Pacquiao and will not let his happen, by any means necessary.

The sport is going to lose it’s Super Bowl, all on account of this cowardly fraud. We’re talking millions upon millions, maybe billions. Just imagine how far boxing would have sunk in the 1980’s if Sugar Ray Leonard was a cowardly fraud and ducked Benitez, Duran, Hearns and Hagler. Just imagine how many millions in revenues, goodwill, positive buzz and hype would have gone down the drain if Leonard were a cowardly fraud who only handpicked safe sparring sessions, pardon I mean fights, against low-risk opposition.

The great sport might have died. Or sunk to a level of irrelevance of such sports as roller derby or pro wrestling.

After the mediation falls through today, the sport will need to take immediate action against this cowardly fraud and any entity that attempts to sell this massive fraud to the public. The future well-being of this historic sport may depend on it.

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