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Floydweather Versus The Modern Great Welterweights (Satire)

Posted on 10/06/2009

We take an expert look at how pound-for-pound pussycat Fraud Floydweather matches up against some of the best welters of the last quarter century as the man himself shares his insightful expertise on how he would compete against the likes of Duran, Leonard, Hearns, Quartey, etc…

Marlon Starling: “Why should I fight a guy with four losses? It doesn’t make smart business sense. If he avenges his losses.”

Roberto Duran: “Duran isn’t an entrepreneur like me.”

Donald Curry: “I’m not taking 50-50.”

Wilfred Benitez: “I’m A level, he’s D level.”

Pipino Cuevas: “Who the hell is he? Like I said, I grabbed boxing fans and asked, Who is this guy? And they didn’t even know who he was.”

Thomas Hitman Hearns: “He’s not a big enough draw. He don’t bring shit to the table.”

Terry Norris: “I got the best team in boxing. I call the shots in the ring, they call the shots out of the ring. If I pick his name out of the hat.”

Ike Quartey: “His resume isn’t good enough. Who did he beat to deserve to fight me?”

Felix Trinidad: “I won’t ever do business with Don King.”

Meldrick Taylor: “Talk to Ellerbe and Haymon.”

Pernell Whitaker: “Lou Duva and Shelly Finkel are scared to death to put him in the ring with me.”

Lloyd Honeyghan: “He’s not a household name. We need two household names.”

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