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Floyd Mayweather News: Donations, Manny, Next Fight, and More

by Hans Olson

Floyd Mayweather, boxing’s reigning pound for pound king, today donated $50,000 to Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas in support of their “Blitz Build” project. The “Blitz Build” is a program bringing community and volunteers together to construct a home in under a week.

Floyd Mayweather signs a $50,000 check in support of Three Square Food Bank in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Jan. 31. Mayweather’s donation equates to 500,000 pounds of produce for the homeless. Photo credit: Team Mayweather

Floyd is the lead sponsor for the build which starts June 4. He has pledged a total of $100,000 to Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas.

“I am happy to support Habitat for Humanity, a special organization that has done excellent work in Las Vegas to provide housing for needy families in the area,” said Mayweather in a press release. “My boxing career has afforded me the opportunity to make charitable contribution to worthy causes and I believe the “Blitz Build” project is one of those causes.

The house being built on June 4 will be for a family of five located in Vegas Heights.

“We truly appreciate Floyd’s support in helping us to reach our mission of providing simple, decent, affordable homes for working families through Las Vegas,” said Meg Delor, the Executive Director for Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas. “Habitat for Humanity’s continuing efforts in neighborhoods such as Vegas Heights helps ensure that these communities will stabilize for everyone living there and bring new working families into the community.”

Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas sells the homes with a zero-interest mortgage to local families who otherwise might have to turn to substandard housing. The families pay for their home with “sweat equity,” and help with the construction of their own homes.


As anticipation builds for Floyd Mayweather’s return to action, fans are eagerly anticipating who will be standing across from Floyd in the ring on May 5. Although not 100% dead yet, chances are slim that Manny Pacquiao will accept Floyd’s challenge. In a story picked up by the Associated Press on Tuesday, the president of HBO Sports Ken Hershman was quoted as saying that the super fight the world craves has a “sell-by-date” of late 2012, early 2013.

Hershman’s statement puts pressure on Bob Arum, who has repeatedly blocked the fight from happening.

Hershman additionally stated that he’d be happy to mediate negotiations, but that he likely wouldn’t be asked to do such a thing by either Floyd or Manny’s representation.

And if the fight never happens? Hershman isn’t concerned.

“I don’t think the sport needs to be saved or believe all that hyperbole.”


One man who wouldn’t mind the May 5 Mayweather sweepstakes is the same man who won the September 17 Mayweather sweepstakes, Victor Ortiz.

Ortiz had been scheduled to fight Andre Berto on February 11 at the MGM Grand, but the fight was called off due to Berto suffering what has been reported as a ruptured left bicep in training.

Now with his schedule free, Ortiz wants another crack at “Money.”

“I’m open to fighting Floyd. I’m definitely ready, bro. First fight was just one of those things where stuff happens, you know?” said Ortiz to RingTV’s Lem Satterfield. “But this time, I’ll keep it clean. No craziness. Other than that, let’s dance once again.”

Others have speculated that it could be Andre Berto as the one to fight Floyd. It’s not inconceivable, but with both Floyd and Andre under the same advisor, Al Haymon, it’s not likely. If you’ve followed the way Haymon operates over the years…he’s not one to match his fighters against each other. That’s not to say it can’t happen…I just personally don’t see it.

Additional rumors continue to swirl that Saul Alvarez is close to finalizing his end of a deal to fight Floyd on May 5. Again, I see this as the likely fight for Floyd…but keep in mind, these rumors to this point are just that: rumors.

So too are the Miguel Cotto rumors (I’ve liked the idea of Mayweather/Cotto since 06/07!!!)
Again, it’s unfortunate that we’re pondering any name other than Manny Pacquiao….for Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao is the fight the world wants.
Floyd’s feeling just as frustrated as the rest of the world is.
“We were set on Pacquiao. It’s a joke. They don’t really want to fight,” said Floyd earlier at today’s aforementioned Habitat for Humanity Las Vegas donation. These were quotes first published by Fight Hype’s Alex Nagle.

“I have proof. He’s a 7 million dollar fighter, at most 10 million. I offered him 40 million. Bob Arum said something about a guarantee, I offered Pacquiao 40 million.”

Boxing Insider’s Hans Olson can be reached at [email protected]. Follow him on Twitter @hansolson

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