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Floyd Mayweather Jr. Talks About Drugs: “There’s so Much Cheating Going On, Period,”

Posted on 05/11/2011

by Johnny Walker

In a new video interview with, welterweight kingpin Floyd “Money” Mayweather speaks out once again on the issue of drug testing in boxing, and more specifically, drug testing as it relates to him fighting Manny Pacquiao.

“We all know boxing is a very very dirty sport,” Mayweather tells Ben Thompson. “I don’t have nothing against [Pacquiao]. But just be honest. When I fought Shane Mosley, he had to take the test. No matter who Floyd Mayweather fights from here on out, they have to take the test, because there’s so much cheating going on, period.

Mayweather artwork by John Paul Raloto.

“And I’m not just saying my opponents have to take random urine and random blood tests, I’m saying I have to … you can come to me at any given time and say, ‘Floyd, you have to take the test.'”

Mayweather contends that he has proof that he signed to fight Pacquiao, and that the Pac-man refused to sign, presumably over the issue of random blood and urine tests.

“If [Pacquiao] went from 105 to 154 all natural, if he’s knocking guys out at 154, all natural … I want the [drug testing] people to come on Fighthype and say he done it all natural,” said Mayweather.

“It’s so crazy that Barry Bonds can gain 15 pounds, and they’re trying to give him 10 years, and all he’s doing is swinging a bat. [But] we’re in the hurt business. This is boxing.”

In the interview, Mayweather also contends that he has been demonized by the same boxing media that lionizes Manny Pacquiao, mainly because of the media manipulations of Bob Arum, his old promoter at Top Rank.

“When I was with Bob Arum, they never said I was ducking a fighter. All of a sudden, when I’m my own man doing my own business, I’m ducking a fighter. Everybody knows that Bob Arum has been dealing with the boxing media since Ali days,” said Mayweather.

“When I was with Bob Arum, [they said] ‘Floyd Mayweather is such a great fighter, the best thing we’ve seen since Ali.’ Some people argued he’s even better, going by what they were saying at the company. And then, all of a sudden, I leave to go do my own business, and it’s like, ‘OK, Floyd Mayweather is scared of this fighter, he’s scared of that fighter.’

“But the only fighters they’re saying I’m scared of is Top Rank fighters, because this is coming from a Top Rank promoter.”

“I can get the contract. I signed my end of the bargain,” Mayweather contends regarding a fight with Top Rank kingpin Pacquiao. “I can show proof that he didn’t sign his end of the bargain.”

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