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Floyd Mayweather Is A Proven Liar

Posted on 07/20/2010

It doesn’t matter what Floyd Mayweather and his team are trying to say now. Floyd Mayweather and his team are proven liars.

Floyd Mayweather has shown in the past he will use lies and deceptions when trapped or cornered into a difficult position. Last year Floyd was a guest on the Ruggen Man RA’s radio show and when Rugged Man RA began to ask the tough questions, Floyd Mayweather felt the pressure and his instinct was to tell blatant lies.

Among the falsehoods he told during that interview were that Bob Arum didn’t want to do business with him, he earned $12 million (not the earlier stated $8) for the Baldomir fight, The Philippines produces the best performance-enhancing drugs.

Other lies in the past from Floyd were telling Brian Kenny he’s never seen Pacquiao fight (Floyd himself told me directly years earlier that Pacquiao was one of his favorite fighters to watch, “He packs a helluva punch,” said Floyd.) Floyd promised Margarito that he would fight him in the future when it made smarter business sense. Before that Floyd said he’d fight Margarito any time any where just as long as Bob Arum showed him the money. Floyd said after the Mosley fight he wanted to fight the best, just line ’em up. Floyd has said numerous times he doesn’t duck or dodge anyone. Floyd called Miguel Cotto a “punching bag” and said that Cotto knew he couldn’t beat me, but when Cotto challenged Floyd to a fight in 2008, Floyd backed out and had Ellerbe tell the New York Post that Cotto’s PPV numbers weren’t good enough. I mean, we can go on for half the day digging up the dishonesty and lies of Mayweather and his team.

So when you read that Floyd Mayweather says he or his team never actually took part of any negotations to fight Pacquiao in November, or whatever nonsense he will come up with next, just remember that Floyd Mayweather is a freak who will not hesitate to spew lies to cover up his cowardice. This is a spoiled rotten coward man-child who will SAY or DO anything to maintain his undefeated record while blatantly ducking the fighters who can knock him out, so that his HBO “family” will keep on paying him big bucks for handpicked fights.

People call Bob Arum a liar and he may have uttered a few here and there over the years, but nothing in comparison to the numerous obscene lies by Mayweather and his team.

Antonio Margarito may have said it best when he called Mayweather “Fraud Gayweather.”

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