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Floyd Mayweather Calls Out Manny Pacquiao!

Posted on 12/13/2014

By Sean Crose

Floyd Mayweather was in San Antonio, Texas on Friday night to watch friend Ishe Smith battle the slick Cuban master Erislandy Lara.

Wearing his trademark sunglasses, Floyd appeared as cool and relaxed as always. Those who were expecting the man to appear in pieces after witnessing a much publicized murder/suicide earlier in the week were in for a surprise.

No one, however, should have been taken back. Mayweather, after all, is a man who absolutely exists in the public eye. Hard though it may be to imagine, Floyd – like many celebrities – is perpetually in the lens of a camera. Indeed, since the deaths of his friend, the rapper Earl Hayes, and Hayes’ wife, the dancer Stephanie Mosely, Mayweather has seemed to have done everything EXCEPT avoid media attention.

Aside from appearing courtside for at least one NBA event, Mayweather also apparently showed up at a charitable gathering on Thursday.

Indeed, reported that Mayweather “was out at a charity that he supports, with his female companion and homie Fabolous.” It may be easy for people to criticize Floyd for not taking to his bed for weeks, but it’s also hard for most people to put themselves in Mayweather’s shoes right now.

Floyd: just waiting on Manny for a May fight

With all that being said, Mayweather dropped an absolute bomb on Friday when he spoke live on Showtime.

“I would love to fight Many Pacquiao,” he said.

That’s not all. He also picked a date.

“May second.”

“Floyd Mayweather is not ducking or dodging an opponent,” he stated emphatically. “Bob Arum is stopping the fight.”


“We want the fight,” the world’s pound for pound king insisted. “We’re ready. Let’s make it happen May second.”

Take that, Canelo Alvarez.

Mayweather wanted to bring up more than just the fight, however. The guy clearly had a score to settle.

For, according to Floyd, it’s team Pacquiao that’s been doing the ducking.

“We’re tired of you guys fooling the public,” he said, seemingly talking to team Pacquiao directly, “fooling the critics.”

Mayweather also brought up the past, saying that he had offered Pacquiao forty million and that the offer was refused. What’s more, he mentioned the drug tests he has demanded.

“I just want to be on an even playing field,” Floyd claimed.

Make no mistake about it, Mayweather is claiming that he’s the one whose figuratively been sitting by the phone all this time.

“I’m just waiting on them,” he said.

To be sure, this should all stand as a counterpoint to those who have been claiming the past week’s tragedy will be used as an excuse by Floyd for not getting it on with the Filipino legend.

“We have to make the fight,” Mayweather insisted.

Finally – something everyone can agree on.

Get ready now for endless speculation to ensue.

Is Floyd telling the truth?

Is Manny?

Is Bob Arum?

Is Al Haymon going to say anything at all to the public? Ever?

None of this should make Canelo Alvarez happy. He wanted the Cinco de Mayo weekend to be HIS. Needless to say, it won’t be if this fight can come together. One thing is for certain – Mr. Mayweather hates to lose – even when it’s a pay-per-view weekend at stake.

“I’m the man,” Mayweather declared Friday night. “I’m here to stay.”

Pacquiao may respectfully disagree (Manny is always respectful). It may now be time, though, for the fans to actually see how things shake out for themselves – with their own eyes.

Naturally, there will be a lot to do in order to make this fight happen. Mayweather, for instance, insisted the fight be aired on Showtime. Floyd didn’t say, however, that Arum was persona non grata.

If that’s not progress, who knows what is?

Make no mistake about it – things still may not pan out here.

With that being said, however, this tragic week (yes, there was still an enormous tragedy that Floyd witnessed), has clearly ended with at least some bit of good news for fight fans.

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