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Floyd Artistry & Brutality Conquer Mosley

Posted on 05/02/2010

Floyd Mayweather exhibited some new aspects of his ever-increasing arsenal to dominate WBA Welterweight champ Sugar Shane Mosley by unanimous decision in Las Vegas. Staggered in round two by two Mosley righthanders, Mayweather showed tremendous recuperative abilities to survive the round. Mayweather’s corner was on high alert and emphatically counseled their charge to box more and box smart, but Floyd ignored that strategic advice and let his aggressive instincts take over. It was a rare occasion when boxing got to see a bold Mayweather in the hunter role in a major fight. Like so many times before over his illustrious career, it was another brilliant tactical move which allowed Mayweather to completely dominate the fight from that point on. Mosley could not thwart the dozens of big lead right hands landed by Mayweather throughout the course of the final nine rounds. Naazim Richardson implored Mosley between rounds but it seemed there were no words to offset Father Time on this night. Mosley showed his age at 38 and could never get on track. There were no savage exchanges in the fight after round two.

The only negative of the performance was that Mosley was clearly not at his best like many other lighter weight legends were not by the time they hit their late 30 – to name a few: Duran, Leonard, Arguello, Pryor, Whitaker, Tszyu, Chavez, Trinidad, Quartey, Starling, Curry, Norris. While the win was absolutely impressive by Mayweather, there is still a major question. We still need to see if Floyd can produce such a masterful performance against a top form, prime force like Manny Pacquiao and or Paul Williams.

Mayweather may gain extra confidence from this victory and the way he overcame the second round adversity and may now be eager to match his marvelous skillset against the most exciting fighter in the sport – Manny Pacquiao.

One thing is for sure, HBO and Golden Boy, the boxing media and ticket-buying public will do all they can to coax Mayweather to agree to the fight under Nevada Commission drug testing rules.

Mayweather improved his record to a superlative 41-0 (25 KO’s) while Mosley dropped to 46-6 (39).

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