Flashback: Floyd Discusses How He Can Improve His Boxing Skills

The last time I spoke with Floyd Mayweather face to face was at the New York City Zab Judah press conference. I asked Floyd this question: How could you improve as a fighter?

This is the response of the man who later went on to say he is the greatest boxer in the history of the sport: “How can I improve as a fighter? It’s a lot. I don’t know, sharp. My jab can come out stronger. I can go to the body a lot more. I can put a lot of combinations together. Get hit with less shots. Even though I’m the best defensive fighter in boxing. Still, you always can get better.”

“Kobe Bryant may have 69 (points). But he won’t say I don’t think I’ll ever score more than 69. You can never stop learning. Then he scored 81.”

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