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Flashback 12-2-09: Pac-Floyd “Is Not Gonna Happen” Full Transcript

Posted on 12/23/2009

[Note: If you think the Super Bowl of Boxing has been canceled this week because of the supposed blood test excuse by Floyd Mayweather, think again. As far back as December 2nd we got official word from a a very reliable source named George Peterson that the fight would not happen. Mr. Peterson is the trainer/manager of Paul Williams and works closely with advisor Al Haymon who advises Floyd and Williams. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where Mr. Peterson learned that the Pac-Duckweather negotiations were all a sham and the idea of the fight was an illusion. Read on…]

You decide for yourself if this VERY connected boxing insider/source knows something about Pacquiao vs. Floyd – or is he off on a tangent? Keep in mind this source is directly connected to a key figure with Team Mayweather (no I don’t mean cheerleader Leonard Ellerbe) via a different top champion also associated with the key figure.

BoxingInsider: Who do you see winning Pacquiao vs. Floyd?

Source: “It’s not gonna happen.”

BoxingInsider: You don’t think so?

Source: “No.”

BoxingInsider: Why not?

Source: “It’s not a fight that’s meant to be made. That fight’s just not meant to be made.”

BoxingInsider: Why not? Everyone wants to see it?

Source: “A lot of people want to see it but they’re not gonna see it.”

BoxingInsider: Mayweather doesn’t want it does he?

Source: “Ah, that fight is not gonna be made.”

BoxingInsider: You’re saying it with a lot of certainty in your voice.

Source: “Yes sir. Yes sir. If it was gonna be made it would be made by now.”

BoxingInsider: Who doesn’t want to pull the trigger? (I know Mayweather is the chicken here, just want to try to get more from the source.)

Source: “I just don’t see it being made.”

BoxingInsider: You know something but won’t say it.

Source: [Smiles].

BoxingInsider: Who would win, if it was made? Just for fun?

Source: “It’s not gonna be made. That fight is not gonna be made.”

BoxingInsider: I hear you, it’s not even worth wasting the energy on a fight that is fantasy.

Source: “It’s not gonna happen. No. No. Mayweather is looking to fight somebody else right now. He just doesn’t want to risk losing that 0. You know who he wants to fight? Matthew Hatton.”

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