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Final Press Conf Quotes: Floyd Mayweather & Miguel Cotto

Posted on 05/03/2012

Floyd Mayweather, Seven-Time and Five-Division World Champion

PHOTO BY Gene Blevins/Hogan Photos

“Miguel is a true warrior, a tough champion and to go into the Hall Of Fame you have to face the best opponents.”

“This fight had to happen and I am glad that happened when Miguel was on his own, could call the shots and dictate what he wants.”

“Come May 5, I will be at my best. I have been here so many times that I know what it takes.”

“I don’t have to brag. I don’t have to boast. Cotto is not a talker. I am outgoing and outspoken. I have a lot of personality. That’s just me.”

“If I only would have been a defensive fighter, I would of not have lasted this long in this sport.”

“I don’t have to be moving and running. I just have to box. I just have to take my time and whatever happens happens, and whatever plays out, plays out.”

“I’m not more relaxed than usual. It’s just I’ve been here. I embrace pressure. I look at it as just another day, another fight.”

Miguel Cotto, Four-Time and Three-Division World Champion

“I’m a quiet guy and I prefer to talk in the ring.”

“I had a tremendous camp in Orlando. I put my trust in Pedro [Diaz], in every member of my team and, most importantly, myself.”

“All of the work that we put in in Orlando and all the work that we put in here [in Las Vegas], will bring me the victory Saturday night. I am prepared and happy to be here.”

“No matter what, I am going to use what I have to fight Floyd. I’m prepared for his style.”

“I am going to be the first guy to beat Mayweather.”

“Everyone will see my strategy on May 5.”

Leonard Ellerbe, CEO of Mayweather Promotions

“Miguel Cotto is a very classy champion and he has been for a number of years, but to Cotto’s trainer, talk doesn’t win fights, fighters do.”

“This has been our best training camp in the last 15 to 16 years. I can truly say that from a preparation standpoint, we brought in the best possible guys that Floyd could work with to be able to push him to the limit and that is what it takes to be at this level. He [Mayweather] took it upon himself to bring in young hungry lions to push him through training camp.”

“With his ability to come back like in his last performance in the Ortiz fight, I think the fans are going to see a much, much sharper Floyd Mayweather. Floyd is going to be prepared for whatever Miguel Cotto brings that night. Floyd will come out and dictate the pace.”

“I think the fans are going to see a great, great fight.”

“Come Saturday night, Floyd will be the new WBA Champion. He will be an eight-time world champion in five different weight classes.”

Oscar de la Hoya, President of Golden Boy Promotions

“Pedro Diaz worked with Miguel Cotto in his last fight and he did a tremendous job. He was the head of the Cuban national team for many years and he knows how to get fighters into shape. As we all know, Cuban fighters are always in tip top form and he is a great trainer.”

“Cotto should be undefeated.”

“He is a great fighter hailing out of Puerto Rico. He has fought many great champions. He is the current WBA super welterweight champion of the world.”

“He has held a world title every year since 2004 while winning 16 of his 18 world championship fights. He had a tremendous victory against Antonio Margarito. He showed his abilities in that fight and what he has learned with his new trainer. Therefore, he will come into the ring as a new man on May 5.”

Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions

“For five years, we have been working with Floyd Mayweather and it has been great.

“Floyd Mayweather is the biggest pay-per-view star. He keeps bringing new innovations to the sport and takes the sport to a new level.”

“Floyd Mayweather, Miguel Cotto, Canelo Alvarez and Sugar Shane Mosley are four modern day gladiators. This pay-per-view is really two pay-per-views wrapped into one.”

“The early indication results are clear that this will be the biggest pay-per-view in the history of Puerto Rico.”

“24/7 was on TNT last night and I got some reports that it was a huge success. It was right after the NBA playoff game. The strong support is absolutely spectacular.”

“We will have fans watching [the fight] in bars and restaurants and in the movie theaters, but our biggest audience is the fans that will be at home watching it on pay-per-view.”

“This is a boxing card presented by the boxers to the fight fans and that is a great thing.”

“The ratings numbers are the biggest HBO has ever had for 24/7.”

Pedro Diaz, Cotto’s Head Trainer

“May 5 will be an unforgettable night for boxing.”

“A victory in boxing doesn’t come from talking. In boxing, your fists, the preparation and the execution gets you the victory.”

“May 5, you will see a victorious Miguel Cotto. A new Miguel Cotto.”

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