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Final Press Conf Quotes: Miguel Cotto, Austin Trout

Miguel Cotto, Four-Time and Three-Division World Champion

“Austin’s team mentioned that he went to Panama and beat a Panamanian guy and they were in Guadalajara to fight Rigoberto Alvarez. He doesn’t have any of them in front of him. He’s in New York and he is going to have Miguel Cotto in front of him. It’s going to be a great fight.

“Saturday night is going to be a great night for Puerto Rico and for New York.

“I have seen tape on Austin Trout, but not much. Maybe three or four rounds of him fighting, but that is about it. I leave watching tape up to [my trainer] Pedro [Diaz]. He has seen a lot of Trout’s fights and has prepared a game plan for us.

“We looked at our options for this fight and felt that Trout was the best option.

“People here are different to me than in other places. People here help me a lot with their support and cheering. Actually, when people expect so much, that motivates me. I felt that in training camp already. I am very excited.

“People here enjoy every aspect of my boxing style. They enjoy when I move, going after my opponents the way I do.

“Fighting southpaws is not difficult for me. Actually, I’m a converted southpaw. I used to fight southpaw, but converted into an orthodox stance. I have already fought many southpaws and didn’t really have any problems with them. I don’t expect to have any problems with Austin either.

“We had a great training camp with sparring partners with real skills. I think my sparring partners have more skills than Austin. I think they showed me more skills and gave me more problems

“The toughest guy I ever fought was Carlos Quintana. He gave me a lot of problems and gave me two very tough rounds.

“I don’t mind fighting anyone really. You have to do what you have to do. I look at the best option for my career at the time and make a decision based on those options.

“I watched the [Floyd] Mayweather fight a couple of times since we fought. I thought it was a good fight, a close fight. The judges gave it to him on the scorecards, but after watching it, I feel like I gave him a good fight and I am proud of my performance.

“If I were to fight Canelo next, everyone knows that a fight like that would stir up the great rivalry between Puerto Rican and Mexican fans. It’s an all-time rivalry. They also know what a Mexican fighter and a Puerto Rican fighter can do in the ring too.

“Austin is [my opponent] Saturday night and once I am done with that fight, I can sit back and look at my options and decide who my next fight will be against.

“God brings second opportunities. I wait for mine.

“There is a balance of being a fighter and a promoter. This was an idea my father had and I am happy we are doing a good job of making the company as successful as it is. My father picked three excellent people to run the company. I don’t have to occupy too much of my time to help them with the day to day. They make it easy for me and I am really happy they are there for me.

“It feels good to be able to prepare for a fight and train when there are no other distractions like I had last year with the Margarito fight. Margarito, stole a lot of things from me in 2008, and I got them back last year. This fight, the only thing I want is the belt and that is what I trained for during this training camp…to win the belt.”

“I know on Saturday I’m going to be able to give fans and the crowd all they are expecting.

Austin Trout, Undefeated WBA Super Welterweight World Champion

“Miguel Cotto is doing what other champions in this weight class won’t do by fighting me. I thank him for this opportunity.

“All we wanted was a chance. We had to go above and beyond, under the radar for this chance.

“I plan on making history. Not because I made Miguel Cotto a five-time world champion, but because I will be the only person to beat Miguel Cotto in New York.

“We didn’t get in this game for it to be easy. The harder the hurdle is for me, the greater the victory. I think the things we go through are what makes us who we are.

“Once the fight was confirmed, it took a while to sink in.”

“My goal on Saturday is to get the crowd quiet. I don’t want to give them anything to cheer for.

“I feel great. I feel like this is my time. I have wanted this fight for years. This was preordained and I don’t think God brought me here to fail.

“My mom was in the army. She met my father there on a base in Texas, but she was born in Brooklyn. I have a lot of family here. I feel like I am more of a New Yorker than Miguel Cotto.

“This fight is allowing all my dreams to come true. I am crossing a lot off of my bucket list with this one. After Saturday night, I’m either going to become a big star or it could stop here.”

Jayson Velez, Top Featherweight Prospect

“I want to thank Miguel Cotto personally. He has helped me this entire camp.

“I am prepared. I am ready. I am happy to be in this great legendary arena fighting a Mexican warrior.

“I am not fighting a uniform. I am fighting the guy in the uniform.” [In response to Sanchez saying that he will wear his uncle’s trunks during the fight.]

Salvador Sanchez II, Top Featherweight Prospect

“I want to thank my team, for preparing me and believing in me from the beginning of my career. I am 100 percent ready.

“It is an honor for me to fight at Madison Square Garden, 30 years after my great uncle [Salvador Sanchez] fought here. I am so happy to be wearing the clothing that my uncle wore here.

“Don’t miss this fight. It is going to be one of the better bouts of the night.”

Danny Jacobs, Top Rated Middleweight Contender

“It is a privilege to be back here in the Mecca of Boxing. I remember when I was 15 years old, too young to even be in the Golden Gloves, I dreamed of fighting here.

“Austin Trout and I were in the amateurs together. I am very proud of him. Miguel Cotto is a true champion. My girlfriend is a huge fan of his…sometimes more than I would like her to be.

“Being able to fight at the Garden is an honor. Tune in. You won’t be disappointed. I promise that.”

Jorge Melendez, Super Welterweight Prospect

“I want to thank Miguel Cotto for giving me the opportunity to be on such a great card. I’m very excited.

“I also want to thank my team and my trainer. I’m very well prepared and because of that I’m going to give you a great fight on Saturday night.”

Jeffrey Fontanez, Undefeated Junior Lightweight Rising Star

“I had a really strong camp with Miguel. We’re ready to get this win.

“We prepared properly. We know we’re going to take this victory and I want to thank all of the people of Caguas, Puerto Rico.”

Richard Schaefer, CEO of Golden Boy Promotions

“There are a large number of tickets sold so far. There are still some remaining, starting at 50 dollars.

“We are happy to be back here in New York City. Golden Boy Promotions has become active in New York with back-to-back shows and we are planning on being back here early next year as well.

“Showtime has had one of the best years as relates to their boxing programming. I am happy that we at Golden Boy were able to play a part in that.

“We are very happy for Danny Jacobs that he is back fighting at the Garden on Saturday night. I think it means a lot to him and to fight fans as well.

“The sport of boxing is built on stories and what Danny Jacobs went through, and how he fought to get to this point, is a symbol of what fighters really are.

“When a fighter like Austin Trout has the opportunity to step up and face a fighter like Miguel Cotto, he is going to be ready. I’m sure you are going to see the best Austin Trout has to offer.

“A lot of fighters have started their own promotional companies and it hasn’t worked out. I want to celebrate Miguel for doing it the right way.

“Cotto has been a world champion every single year since 2004. You are never going to see a boring Miguel Cotto fight.”

Greg Cohen, President of Greg Cohen Promotions

“This will be Austin’s third consecutive title defense on Showtime and we appreciate the exposure he has gotten on the network.

“Madison Square Garden is by far the greatest venue in all of sports.

“Austin wanted this fight so badly. He said ‘I don’t care if I have to fight Cotto for free. I will do whatever it takes to make the fight.’

“Saturday night is going to be electric. Austin Trout is one of these special individuals who seizes the moment.

“Saturday night, Austin Trout will become a star. This is his moment.”

Stephen Espinoza, Executive Vice President & General Manager of SHOWTIME Sports

“It has been many years since SHOWTIME televised a boxing event at the Garden and we think it is fitting as the Garden undergoes under its transformation, SHOWTIME is also undergoing a transformation. Golden Boy Promotions and Miguel Cotto are a big part of that.

“Every time Cotto fights, it is a special event, but when Miguel fights at the Garden, it is extra special.

“Trout is a very special fighter. I have no doubt he will fight the fight of his life on Saturday night.

“These two young men represent the best that this sport has to offer. They are top quality athletes and top quality individuals and I think that is deserving of recognition and deserving of support.”

Joel Fisher, Executive Vice President of MSG Sports

“We are excited to welcome Miguel Cotto back to the Garden, his home away from home.

“There is a great milestone that Miguel Cotto has eclipsed during this promotion. He has a tremendous fan base here in New York City, which is why he has sold over 100,000 tickets in all of his eight fights here at the Garden.

“It’s fight week and the excitement continues to build each and every day. There is nothing better in the Garden than a big fight like we are going to have Saturday night.

“I am not going to say that the Garden was renovated, because it was truly transformed. It is a different building and now all of the fight fans will be able to experience the new Garden on Saturday night.”

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