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Fighters confirmed for This Saturday Blue Horizon Night of Champions

Posted on 12/10/2009

Since it is the most historic boxing arena in Philadelphia, it is only fitting that The Legendary Blue Horizon™ is having a “Night of Legends” to honor Philly’s greatest fighters. On Saturday, December 12, 2009 at 7:00 P.M., fans and media are invited to meet and mingle with Jeff Chandler, Matthew Saad Mohammad, Buster Drayton, Charles Brewer, Eugene “Cyclone” Hart, Bobby “Boogaloo” Watts, Tex Cobb, Richie Kates, “Rockin” Rodney Moore, Robert Hines, Hugh Kearney, Anthony Boyle and many others. These fighters will be honored in a special ceremony as we begin the creation of the Philadelphia Boxing Museum to be located in The Legendary Blue Horizon™.

Philadelphia is boxing’s City of Champions, most of whom have fought at The Legendary Blue Horizon™. “The Blue” has featured over 50 different World Champions since it began hosting boxing back in 1961.

In addition to giving fans the chance to meet and reminisce with the great fighters, this event will raise money to create a fund for helping boxers in need. For this reason, we are asking attendees for a $10 donation.

The creation of this fund is in keeping with the continuing effort of Ms. Vernoca L. Michael, CE/President and co-owner of The Legendary Blue Horizon™ to help those in need while also safeguarding the rich history of boxing in Philadelphia.

The Legendary Blue Horizon was voted the Number 1 Boxing Venue in the World in a poll conducted by The Ring Magazine.

We invite your coverage on Saturday, December 12, 2009 and would be happy to assist in stories prior to the event by making the fighters available to you. For more information, please contact Bill Vargus at 610-716-0535 or Joe Berk at 240-678-5961.—-The followling list are the confirmed fighters that will be in attedence this Saturday night

Anthony Boyle—26-6-1, 12 KO’s—18 appearances at The Blue Horizon

Charles Brewer—Former IBF Super Middleweight champion—40-11, 28 KO’s—16 Blue Horizon appearances—Fought and won the ONLY world title bout at The Blue when he defeated Joy DeGrandis on 12/02/97

Lionel Byarm—12-7-2, 4 KO’s—4 appearances at The Blue Horizon—was the first opponent for Evander Holyfield

Jeff Chandler—33-2-2, 18 KO’s—Former WBA Bantamweight champion—Boxing Hall of Famer—3 appearances at The Blue Horizon

Tex Cobb—43-7-1, 36 KO’s—Former World Heavyweight title challenger—The ambassador for The Blue Horizon—Star of Motion Pictures

Buster Drayton—40-15-1, 28 KO’s—Former IBF Jr. Middleweight champion—1 appearance at The Blue Horizon

Mike Everett—24-10-1, 17 KO’s—2 appearances at The Blue Horizon

Marty Feldman—20-3, 17 KO’s—Fought once at the Blue in 1961

Jacqui Frazier-Lyde—13-1, 9 KO’s—Daughter of the Legendary “Smokin” Joe Frazier—1 appearance at The Blue Horizon

Eugene “Cyclone” Hart—30-9-1, 28 KO’s—13 appearances at The Blue Horizon

Kitten Hayward—32-12-4, 18 KO’s—Former Jr. Middleweight title challenger—2 appearances at The Blue Horizon

Robert Hines—25-3-1, 17 KO’s—Former IBF Jr. Middleweight world champion—2 appearances at The Blue Horizon

Richie Kates—44-6, 23 KO’s—2 Time Light Heavyweight world title challenger—5 appearances at The Blue Horizon

Hugh Kearney—18-2-1, 5 KO’s—12 appearances at The Blue Horizon

Marvin Mack—18-8-1, 10 KO’s—Former IBF Super Middleweight world title challenger

Nate Miller—31-9, 27 KO’s—Former WBA World Cruiserweight champion—14 appearances at The Legendary Blue Horizon

Matthew Saad Mohammad—39-16-3, 29 KO’s—Former WBC Light Heavyweight world champion—2 appearances at The Legendary Blue Horizon

Rodney Moore—38-10-2, 20 KO’s—Former 3 time world challenger—Dubbed “The King of The Blue Horizon”—21 appearances at The Blue

Ivan Robinson—32-12-2, 12 KO’s—former USBA Lightweight champion—7 appearances at The Blue Horizon

Bobby Watts—38-7-1, 20 KO’s—1st man to defeat Marvin Hagler—6 appearances at The Legendary Blue Horizon

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