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Fellow Fighters Make Predictions on #MayweatherMcGregor

By Bryanna Fissori

If anything is going to bring the MMA and Boxing communities together under one big Pay-Per-View roof, it is going to be their top stars going toe to toe. Stating the obvious, boxing and MMA are two different sports. It is not just a matter of using only your hands. There is a distinct difference between punching, kicking and grappling range. Will McGregor throw an accidental kick in the bout? Not likely, but it would make for good ratings. That being said, the term “fighting Irish” does bring to mind images of tenacious boxers, that aren’t likely to back down and may possibly be chasing a pot of gold.

Photo: Esther Lin/Showtime

The 29 year old McGregor will have youth on his side as he faces the 40 year old Mayweather. Will that work in his favor? Will McGregor’s lack of ring experience be an issue? Who has the upper hand? Here is what his peers have to say:

Frank Trigg (UFC Hall of Fame): I believe Mayweather will win by TKO in the fifth round. I thought from the very beginning that this fight is a complete farce. I believe it’s complete money grab for everybody involved, is the dumbest fight ever put together and I couldn’t believe the Nevada commission would ever think about putting this fight together. With that being said, I have read and or watched every tweet Facebook post news post video of everything that’s going on with this fight! If I’m not in the arena for the fight I will be watching it at home on paper view and to be honest I don’t really care who wins I just want to see what happens

Matt Brown (UFC): Conor will show up to the event with Floyd. Floyd with punch him up for a while. Both will go home with big paychecks and we will all be disappointed that we spent $100 to watch Floyd outclass a guy making his debut. Just like when we play the lottery. We spend our money to get numbers we hope will hit. Then half way through the drawing we realize we wasted our money and go do something else. By round 6 we’ll regret the $100 we spent. If Conor makes it that long.

James Krause (UFC): Mayweather via stoppage. Who would you pick between a ping pong player and a tennis player in a tennis match?

Dave Mustaine (Marital Artist/Lead Singer for Megadeth): I want Conor to win. He’s one of the biggest things to hit the UFC and MMA. Alas, the pros say Floyd will win, unless the rules are “no rules.”

Andy Nguyen (Rizin): Yes!!! I want fooooooooking Conor to win! As a MMA fighter, we cut more weight than boxers do. Conor is going to be bigger and obviously younger. I really hope Conor trained strictly boxing as a southpaw for this fight! So exciting!

Dave Rickles (Bellator): My take on it is Conor’s only successful rounds will be in round 1,2 and 3 but I do think he will land some shots. I think mostly from dirty boxing type situation. After that Mayweather steals the show and comes home with the decision win. Being an MMA striker and southpaw he’s just orthodox enough to throw things from angles that Floyd is not use to.

Gary Daniels (Actor/Martial Artist): I believe Mayweather will be victorious.

Josh Himes (Pro Boxer): In my opinion, believe everyone who steps in a fight has a punchers chance, and Connor could get lucky. But if he doesn’t catch Floyd with a big shot, then I feel Floyd will win hands down. Floyd is a defensive tactician, and is one of the best.

Daniel Gallemore (VFC and Pro Boxer): Mayweather via decision. I think it’s great that someone as powerful as Connor is opening doors for others to become dual sport athletes in combat sports. He’s setting the bar and potentially helping fighters around the world.

Enson Inoue (Pride): Although I am rooting for MMA I think Mayweather will be fast and too elusive for Conor. I say Mayweather by KO. If Conor pulls this off I’m never doubting him again.

JJ Aldrich (UFC): I’m going with Conner KO by the fourth round.

Zak Cummings (UFC): I’m going to say Mayweather by boring ass decision. I don’t think he will put himself out there enough to get caught. I hope I’m wrong.

Amanda Bobby Cooper (UFC): Mayweather

Raquel Pa’aluhi (Invicta): This is a hard one! I think McGreggor has an advantage because he’s bigger and stronger than Mayweather. He’s also younger…but! Mayweather has been boxing for over 20 years and has 49 professional boxing fights. This will be McGreggor’s first one. I think they’re similar but still very different things, and 12 rounds is much different than 5, 5s.

Ricky Lundell (UFC Coach): McGregor has unbeleiveable power. He can’t be compared to others Mayweather has fought in the past. He fights from a different distance with an in and out moving pattern. What makes him particularly dangerous is he is an a no lose situation. Just going in there makes him a winner. He is willing to throw at the same moments as unbeaten legends like Aldo, or step into a ring with mayweather. These matchups are considered suicide to most. However a man with nothing to lose is willing to commit suicide to for a win. And a man willing to commit suicide is dangerous because they have initiative. . . Mayweather better stay diligent, becaue McGregor has the initiative and power to win this fight.

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