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“Fast Eddie” Chambers prepped and ready for world title fight

Los Angeles, CA (March 11, 2010) – Top American heavyweight “Fast Eddie” Chambers (35-1, 18 KOs) is set to take on Ukrainian giant and WBO/IBF World Heavyweight Champion Wladimir “Dr. Steelhammer” Klitschko (53-3, 47 KOs) on Saturday night, March 20th, at the 51,000 seat ESPRIT Arena in Dusseldorf, Germany.

This will be the first world title opportunity for Chambers and his third time fighting on German soil. He sustained his only loss as a pro by decision in Berlin to Alexander Povetkin in his first visit back in January, 2008, and stopped another mammoth-sized Ukrainian – undefeated 6-7 Alexander Dimitrenko – in his most recent outing in Hamburg last July 4th. now takes you “Inside the Mind” of Chambers leading into the final days prior to the biggest fight of his career with “Six Questions” for the American hopeful:

GOOSSENTUTOR.COM: How are you feeling both physically and mentally going into the biggest fight of your career against Wladimir Klitschko?
CHAMBERS: “I feel great, both physically and mentally! I’m in the best shape of my career. We’ve done a lot of things in camp to prepare both physically and mentally. We’ve been away from the everyday situations of being at home that we have been able to focus on the task at hand. We came up here to the Poconos to get that focus, work hard and do whatever is necessary to win this title fight.”

GOOSSENTUTOR.COM: Your Goossen Tutor stablemates – Tony Thompson and Chris Arreola – both lost to a Klitschko brother in world title fights. Were you able to take anything away from watching their fights and why do you feel that you can do what they could not – which is to win?
CHAMBERS: “I have a different set of skills than both of them, although I did see there were certain things that they did in their fights. One thing in particular was that they didn’t get their jabs in enough. Although Tony pressured Wladimir a great deal, even on one leg, he was able to make it very difficult at times for Wladimir to dominate the fight. And Chris also was using his jab and at times effectively. But he stood in front of Vitali too much. They really didn’t take advantage of their opportunities. With me, on the other hand, I use different angles, different movement and work my jab and stay behind my jab and will not allow Vladimir to keep his distance all day and pound away.”

GOOSSENTUTOR.COM: Do you feel more at ease going to Germany fighting for a third time?
CHAMBERS: “I am more used to it. My first time let me know that you can’t be short-training, just thinking all day about the fight and not enjoying the experience and have fun with it. This is supposed to be a life experience and you’re supposed to enjoy it. And if you just sit tight in your room and not enjoy the people and the experience of what you’re trying to be – a star in boxing – then it really isn’t going to work out for you. With the fight with Dimitrenko and now this fight, I’m just going to enjoy myself and experience going over there.”

GOOSSENTUTOR.COM: Like Wladimir Klitschko, your last opponent – Alexander Dimitrenko – entered the ring with a 6-inch height and reach advantage. You were very effective in out-boxing him. Can you fight Wladimir the same way or does his style cause you to make adjustments?

CHAMBERS: “I think you can in certain ways fight Wladimir the same way because they both fight from a distance. But you can’t just stand in front of Wladimir because with his long reach he’ll keep you at bay. I have to jab and move and do different things before I just come in and try and engage in the offense.”

GOOSSENTUTOR.COM: “Whom have you been sparring with to prepare for Klitschko?
CHAMBERS: “I had one guy who’s very tall and a good boxer and mover in Marcellus Brown. I also had Sean McClain, who is a guy who was busy and threw a lot of punches and we normally put him in around the middle to late rounds. And then we had Malik Scott come in. He’s a fast, tall boxer who would move and give me different angles and different looks and made me work to get in the last shot.”

GOOSSENTUTOR.COM: What can boxing fans expect from “Fast Eddie” Chambers on Saturday night, March 20th?
CHAMBERS: “A lot of speed; a lot of ability and movement and an overall work rate that it takes to be the heavyweight champion of the world on the night of March 20th.”

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