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Experts Contemplate: Mosley vs. Mayweather

Posted on 01/10/2010

Floyd Mayweather may not be interested in this potential Welterweight superfight because he could get brutally knocked out, but as you will read, much of the boxing world is interested. It’s a fascinating clash of speed, technical excellence, power and boxing brilliance. Shane Mosley is back on top at 38 after one of the finest performances of his career against Antonio Margarito. But the cool Californian must get by WBC champ Andre Berto on January 30. Mayweather, soon to turn 33, claims he is the best pugilist of all-time but has discredited his reputation immensely in the last month by slandering and then ducking Manny Pacquiao – with baseless allegations – in what could have been a potential $200,000,000 fight.

So we asked several notable boxing insiders who they thought would win, Shane Mosley or Floyd Mayweather…

Alfredo Angulo: “Two great, experienced fighters. Mosley has more experience actually, and he’s a bigger fighter. And Mayweather is really a bright fighter. It will be a great fight. Who will win? I think Mosley.”

Kermit Cintron: “I think the way Mosley fought Margarito, that Mosley would definitely win against Mayweather.”

Ali Funeka: “Mayweather is the best fighter. But it will be an exciting fight.”

Kevin Cunningham: “It’s hard to go against Mayweather with anybody. But Mosley looked great against Margarito. I’d have to go with Mayweather. Mayweather has the potential to rise to any occasion. And he has the ability to adjust to whatever’s in front of him. I think he has what it takes to beat Mosley. (Mosley rises to the occasion too.) Mosley rises to the occasion SOMEtimes. Mayweather rises to the occasion ALL the time. Mayweather has zero losses. Mosley has four or five losses.”

Allan Green: “Mosley would win. Because Floyd Mayweather has never fought anyone as good as Shane Mosley and the only fighter that he did fight – Oscar De La Hoya – but De La Hoya hasn’t been a fighter in five years. So, technically, Mayweather never fought a class A-plus class fighter. A fighter like Shane Mosley who’s stronger, bigger and maybe faster with his hands but not his feet – Mosley’s probably the best offensive fighter that Mayweather would have ever faced. I would take Mosley that fight. Possibly by stoppage. I mean, take nothing away from Floyd but like I said, he’s never fought anybody that’s had a chance to beat him. I said it [smiles]. I was the first one to say it [smiles].”

Cedric Kushner: “Shane might be too big for him. And Shane looked very good vs. Margarito. One has to make a commitment…I think I’m gonna go with Shane. Yep. He’s a great fighter.”

Gary Shaw: “I don’t think it will ever get made. But Mayweather. I just don’t think that’s the fight Mayweather is looking for. There are other great fights out there.”

Vuyani Bungu: “Mayweather is gonna beat Mosley. Mayweather is too quick. His style is so awkward. He’s gonna beat Mosley. I saw Mosley beat Margarito – I was impressed. I thought Margarito was going to win. Mosley came to the fight prepared and did the job. But I think Mayweather would beat Mosley.”

Julius Long: “I am going with Floyd all the way on that one. He’s undefeated. Floyd can back up the trash talk. Floyd’s the man. They ain’t gonna let him stop making all that money!”

Mitch Rose: “That’s an interesting fight but I believe Sugar Shane might put some cane on Floyd’s brain!”

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