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Exclusive Interview with Matthew Chanda

Posted on 03/26/2017

Exclusive interview with Matthew Chanda
By: Iftisaam Khan

He’s One for the future, step forward Matthew Chanda. The Londoner from Hackney has been taking the profession ranks in his stride of late, having recorded 7 wins with only 1 loss to his name he certainly looks he has the potential to make it to make a name for himself in the sport. Reflecting on his transition into the pro game, the current Southern Bantamweight champion said: “oh I love the pro’s. My fighting style has always been one that would gel well in the pros So I don’t feel I had to do a lot of adjusting. “


The current southern Bantamweight champion hasn’t always had it easy, “My father passed away when I was 12 but was the best man I’ve known, I still remember his love now.” Despite the tragic circumstances, Chanda was able to use it to spur himself on as he now looks to take his career to the very top through his sheer talent and determination to become a world champion. He stated : “I put everything into training. Not just at gym but at home too, boxing is always on my mind.” Further explaining the reasoning behind his desire he declared:

“ I do see boxing as a way out. I’m in it for the titles and the glory. Eventually when the fighters step to fight me I’ll get both.”

Going back to where to it all began, Chanda went back down memory lane to explain how he got involved in the fighting game “I’ve always loved boxing.

When I was 13/14 years old I used to go down to my boxing gym and watch Ian Napa at Crown and Manor ABC. Myself and a few friends would mess around on the bags and spar.” Becoming a father at 17, the fighter was forced to work long hours to support his child, which resulted in his social life becoming non-existent.

Looking to get to away from his gruelling work life he turned back to boxing , he said: “ I went back to Crown ABC and Manor ABC and I would just hit the bag and go on the pads with Steve Kipps, who is my trainer now. After a few sessions he took me to the side and said he can make me champion if I dedicate myself and yeah, now I’m here.”

Despite being defeated in last bout, Chanda is rather upbeat about it, with the virtue of a valuable learning experience he can only improve “I did learn the importance of framing a fight and adjusting during a fight. I believe I did enough to win my last fight but I know now that I need to leave no doubt in the judge’s minds so I’ve been working smarter in the gym.”

With the aspiration of being in “fights like Juan Manuel Marquez vs Juan Diaz, when Marquez comes from the brink and puts on a masterpiece” in abundance with his talent and desire to reach the top don’t be surprised to hear his name a lot more often. I won’t be.

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