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Evander Holyfield, Ray J, & Everi Exposure Team Up with LA Matadors

Posted on 12/15/2011

By Hans Olson

Rich Orosco and Ray Doustdar, the two General Managers of the Los Angeles Matadors have teamed up alongside recent partnership of Everi Exposure Entertainment, Evander Holyfield, and Ray J in an effort to “bring entertainment back to boxing and increase boxing’s fan base.”

“We are proud to welcome Sydney MacDonald, Evander Holyfield, and Ray J to the Matadors family,” said GM Rich Orosco in a press release Thursday. “We are LA’s hottest new sports team, and now we have even more entertainment industry heat.”

The Los Angeles Matadors are the lone American squad participating in the AIBA’s “World Series of Boxing,” the innovative amateur competition that enables young fighters to box without headgear or vests in bouts with professional-style scoring.

“Everi Exposure Entertainment is ready to take boxing events to the next level,” noted Sydney MacDonald. “And we think we can do that starting with the Los Angeles Matadors and the World Series of Boxing.”

Everi Exposure Entertainment, along with the partnership of Evander Holyfield and Ray J, will collaborate and work with the Matadors to produce live music themed shows in addition to the fights, with the goal of bringing in a fresh crowd to experience the growing popularity of the Matadors.

Speaking with Boxing Insider earlier this week, 5-time Heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield shared his excitement with the partnership. “Well, actually this partnership is gonna expose boxing to more people. You know, boxing is declining right now, and I think going towards music and all that—it’ll kind of give people a little more entertaining, and it can be a good situation there that works.”

Evander noted that without the backing of television, boxing will continue to suffer.

“They don’t show it enough on primetime television for free, and I think that when you don’t support the amateur program, it hurts professionally.”

Holyfield’s vision kickstarts with the Matador’s next home match this Sunday, December 18— and will be televised on Fox Sports West.

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