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Erik Morales Interview: Us Mexicans have the most beautiful boxing in the planet

Posted on 06/25/2015

By: Francisco Martinez

Going into the biggest fight of his young career Jessie Vargas chose the hall of fame inductee Erik Morales as his trainer. The relatively inexperienced Morales seems to have no doubt in his mind about victory against the two division world champion Timothy Bradley Jr. the critics however are questioning Morales competence as a trainer while Morales sees it the other way around and plans on proving not only that he’s a trainer worthy of preparing Vargas for this big fight on June 27th but that he has great potential as a trainer as he was once a great fighter.

Vargas_media day_150624_007a “The critics are questioning Vargas for making you his trainer for the biggest fight of his career. Most say your incompetence as a trainer will hurt him. What do you have to say about those criticisms and are things going as planned?”

Erik Morales: “Well we’re Mexicans. Us Mexicans have the most beautiful boxing in the planet. We have the most elegant boxing. The most traditional, explosive and entertaining boxing for the fans so there’s nothing to question and we’ll wait for you (fans) on Saturday” “Bradley stated that after Vargas you can be next. What are your thoughts on that challenge?”

Erik Morales: “I’m retired. He shouldn’t be worry about me. He needs to fight Vargas and win after that will talk” “How was camp. You guys trained in (Las) Vegas. How did camp go?”

Erik Morales: “We had a great training camp. Good work and we did every perfectly” “The critics are questioning Vargas decision to have you in his corner as a trainer as did they when he had Roy Jones Jr. as trainer are they focusing on you more then the actual training you guys have done?”

Erik Morales: “They know me as a fighter and know what I was capable of. They saw me fight for many years. They saw me fight from a distance from mid range and up close. They saw me in tough fights. Watched me change to southpaw during those fights and find a way to win. What I’m capable of in the ring isn’t the question. I ask you how many trainers are there who have the experience of actually fighting the best opposition like I did? None. So I don’t understand how my knowledge can be questioned” “Was this camp based of showing him (Jessie Vargas) your style of fighting or refining his way of fighting?”

Erik Morales: “It was a little bit of everything. We respect what he’s capable of what he does and can do” “Bradley claims to go into this fight seeking the knockout. Don’t you think that’s a mistake being that the last opponents haven’t been able to knock him out?”

Erik Morales: “The previous opponents have had problems getting to him. He (Bradley) tries to intimidate them. We’ve spoken about the head clashes and every single scenario. Vargas is very focused”

Photo: Chris Farina/Top Rank

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