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Don Chargin Signs MMA Superstar Nick Diaz to Boxing Contract

(Cambria California, August 15, 2009) – Having been one of the few boxing promoters around today to have witnessed the great Sugar Ray Robinson fight live, it is no easy feat to impress Don “War-a-Week” Chargin. This hall-of-fame promoter has been touted by his peers as possibly being the best match-maker the boxing world has ever bore witness to. This is why it is with great intrigue that at the tail end of his long, illustrious career that Chargin would actively pursue what most would consider a long-shot proposal.

Having promoted boxing matches from various era’s including the Dick Tiger-Gene Fullmer middleweight title bout at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park in 1962, the veteran promoter relishes the opportunity to promote one of both boxing and mixed martial arts most entertaining fighters.

Nick Diaz is a fighter many have proclaimed as the “Arturo Gatti” of the MMA world. His bloodbath with Japan’s best 155-pounder, Takanori Gomi was a perfect example as to why many fight fans following both mixed martial arts as well as boxing have labeled him as such. This six foot tall southpaw has waged war in virtually all of the major mixed martial arts promotional firms such as Strikeforce, UFC, Pride, WEC, IFL and the now defunct EliteXC. Diaz has openly touted his desire and willingness to step into the boxing ring to take on any fighter willing to match wits, skill, and bravery with the Stockton resident.

Don Chargin states, “I know the signing of a mixed martial arts fighter might be considered controversial by many boxing fans across the world. When the subject of mixed martial arts versus boxing arises, it always comes down to the boxer winning a boxing match easily and vice versa for MMA. However, after having seen the replays of Diaz’s fights over the course of his career, I truly believe that this kid has what it takes to really make for some very entertaining fights within boxing. While some would state that he’s merely a slugger possessing a good chin and a heavy work-rate, there’s something about his rythm and fighting intelligence that really caught my eye.”

Currently signed with mixed martial arts promotional firm, Strikeforce, it has allowed Nick the leeway to attempt to become the first athlete in the history of both sports to become a dual sport champion. This is something that would never have been remotely possible had Diaz been signed due to the UFC due to Dana White’s reluctance to allow his fighters to participate within boxing.

Chargin continues, “I think the battle between the MMA world and the boxing world has reached it’s boiling point and it’s time to settle this inside the ring. Out of all the MMA fighters I’ve seen today, Nick is the only guy that I feel would truly put up a battle. Having been around from the era of Sugar Ray Robinson, Rocky Marciano, and other past greats, I can tell you right now that Nick Diaz is as tough as they come. He’s also one of the few MMA guys that actually regularly puts in the gym work to improve his boxing IQ and I think it shows when he fights in the cage.”

Riding a 5-fight win streak as well as having compiled a record of 20-7 in the octagon, Nick Diaz is ready to take the boxing world by storm as he’s gunning for the top fighters in or around the super middleweight division.

Trainer and manager Cesar Gracie states, “Nick is just one of those guys ready and willing to fight anybody. Literally anybody. He just loves to fight. It’s been one of his career goals to become a dual sport world champion and I think the world is ready to see a fight in which a top MMA guy in his prime takes on a top boxing guy in his prime. It’s never been done before and I think Nick will surprise a lot of people come fight night.”

Who would have thought that at end of such a long, roller coaster career within boxing that Don “War-a-Week” Chargin would venture into such a venture that might have some questioning his eye for talent?

Don states, “A lot of people have called me a lot of names over the course of my career. That doesn’t bother me. It bothers me when fighters don’t take their craft seriously and don’t give it their all. Nick isn’t one of those guys and trust me… from what I’ve seen, he’ll give anybody in boxing a run for their money.”

Boxing versus mixed martial arts has finally arrived.

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