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Devin Haney: “Anderson Silva Was A Beast In The Octagon But He Should’ve Been A Boxer”

Posted on 09/13/2021

By: Hans Themistode

Although Anderson Silva has spent the majority of his fighting career in the UFC’s octagon, Devin Haney has always been in awe.

After spending roughly two decades dominating inside the steel cage, Silva has decided to forego his Mixed Martial Arts gear in favor of boxing gloves. With Silva having little to no experience in the ring, the future UFC Hall of Famer took on former middleweight belt holder Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. earlier this year.

While he may have been pegged as the underdog, Silva had a relatively easy time outboxing his man. For an encore, Silva made another trip to the ring this past weekend, taking on fellow former UFC star, Tito Ortiz. Silva wasted no time in destroying his man, landing a flush right hook that saw Ortiz hit the deck.

Considering everything that Silva has achieved in his MMA career, Haney has nothing but the utmost respect for his accomplishments. With that said, the current WBC lightweight champion is under the impression that Silva may have originally made the wrong professional choice.

“Anderson Silva was a beast in the octagon,” said Haney on his social media account. “But he should’ve been a boxer with what he’s doing at his age.”

At the age of 46, Silva is considered long in the tooth in terms of boxing years. However, despite the age, Silva believes he has a sizable amount of time left in his newly adopted sport.

“My goal is my last fight is 49,” said Silva during an interview with TMZ. “49, I’m done. Probably, I’m done. That is my goal. Fight 3 more years and done. 49. That’s the number. Maybe I can fight more, but right now my goal is when I turn 49, I stop fighting. But I don’t know. I’m in good shape. I’m so happy to go to the gym every day. I’m such a lucky guy because God gave me the opportunity for me to continue doing my job.”

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