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Delvin Rodriguez Interview : “I’m a fighter and I like to fight and that’s what I plan to do”

By: Matthew N. Becher

On June 12th live on Spike TV from the University of Illinois Chicago Pavilion, 34 year old veteran, Delvin Rodriguez will fight for the WBA Jr. Middleweight title against Erislandy Lara. It will be his first appearance on Premier Boxing Champions. Delvin was gracious enough to take some time out of his busy schedule to sit down and answer some questions with Boxing Insider.

unnamed (4) So how has everything been going, how is training camp, how is your weight looking?

Delvin Rodriguez: Training camp is great man, to be honest camp has been great, we had some great fighters come in for left hand sparring and weight is right on already, so we are feeling good, feeling strong and very positive. Your opponent Lara is from the “Cuban school of boxing”, which is a lot of movement a lot of running….how do you fight a boxer like that?

Delvin Rodriguez: There is only one way to fight him. We want to break him down. We need to close the distance and that’s something I have a lot of experience with, closing the distance, cutting the ring. You can’t just follow the other guy around. Lara has two losses on his record, from Paul Williams and most recently from Canelo Alvarez. Do you watch tapes of your opponents and do you pick up stuff from that?

Delvin Rodriguez: Yes, I watched some of his fights , you go by the last fight that he had. And he hasn’t really changed much, his fights are all about defense and his counter punch. You know, he is a great skill fighter, I can’t take anything away from him..he is very well taught. And like I said, you have to make it a real fight and not let him get comfortable. And do you worry about his power at all, if you are just going to take the fight to him?

Delvin Rodriguez: Worry? I wouldn’t say “Worry”, because when you are in the ring you can’t go worry about nothing. You just have to be cautious and know how certain guys move and be alert all twelve rounds. You fought on ESPN Friday Night Fights eleven times. You were a very popular fighter and are known for bringing good, entertaining fights to network television. Can you transfer that popularity to the Premier Boxing Champions?

Delvin Rodriguez: Well I figure that is what I will do, Yes. People think that this fight is going to be a boring fight, because of the way Lara fights, but it’s a fight that I am going to make. And if I want to win this fight, I have to make it my fight, I gotta take it to him and that’s what makes it an interesting fight. That’s what makes a dramatic fight. I’m a fighter and I like to fight and that’s what I plan to do that night.

delvin Do you find it just as important to be entertaining to the fans as it is to win the fight?

Delvin Rodriguez: Definitely! I love the fans, without them the fighters are nothing. If you are a boring fighter , there are many boring fighters out right now and TV wants nothing to do with them. So we want to make it an entertaining fight for the fans and that’s what I plan to do. Like I say, fights where you see a fighter going, making the fight, putting the pressure, that is what makes interesting and exciting fights. So lastly, you are 34 years old, you’re going to be on network television (Spike TV) and this is for the WBA Jr. Middleweight world title. In a sense, what does this mean to you?

Delvin Rodriguez: This means everything for me, because this might be the last shot. For me and my career this is what I’ve always worked for and this might be my last opportunity, so I have to take advantage…cause this opportunity might not happen again. Thank you for taking the time and I wish you the best of luck on June 12th against Lara.

Delvin Rodriguez: Thank you, anytime.


Press conference quotes:

“I’m very excited for this fight. We had a great training camp. We’ve been going for about three months, and I really think this is one of the best camps I’ve ever had.

“Everything has fallen into place this time around. As a fighter, you always feel like there may have been something missing. For this fight we had enough time to prepare.

“I’m taking this fight as if it’s my last opportunity. That’s how I’m going to fight this fight. That’s how I’ve programmed my mind for this fight, as if my back is against the wall. This is my last chance at a world title.

“I’m facing a great boxer. He’s a very technical fighter and he has great skills. And that helps motivate me even more. It made me work so much harder for this fight.

“I’ve been reading a lot about what the media is saying about this fight. I promise the fans that whatever I have to do, this is going to be an exciting fight. It has to be an exciting fight for Delvin Rodriguez because this is my last chance.”

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