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Classic Quote: Cotto Calls Out Floyd 2008

Posted on 02/02/2010

A lot of ring observers do not know that Miguel Cotto was eager to put his then-undefeated record up against Floyd Mayweather in a Welterweight unification clash of the unbeatens in 2008 however the greatest ducker of all time wasn’t up for that challenge. Mayweather and his team claimed to the media Cotto wasn’t a big enough name and he didn’t draw big enough pay-per-view numbers to deserve a fight with Mayweather when it was prime time in 2008. But here is a quote from the normally respectful Miguel Cotto that questions the bravery of Floyd and clearly shows he meant business and wanted to put his fists on the pound-for-pound pretender.

“When you call yourself the best boxer in the world you have to fight with the best. There are other names at 147 pounds and if Mayweather does not have the courage to get in the ring to fight with me, my career has to continue. I won’t wait for him.” –Miguel Cotto 2008

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