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Chad’s Dominant Performance Impressed Former Trainer Scully

Posted on 11/11/2009

John Scully, the former trainer of Bad Chad Dawson, saw nothing but good things in his former pupil’s near-perfect pugilistic presentation in Hartford this past weekend. In this Q&A Scully goes into fine detail…

BoxingInsider: During the fight when we watched it together, you expressed enjoyment and appreciation watching Chad Dawson defeat Glen Johnson. Can you elaborate?

John Scully: “I could see how people can say it wasn’t exciting, it wasn’t Gatti-Ward or Hagler-Hearns, but as for boxing, as for as boxing was meant to be, he fought a masterful fight. It was a masterful performance. I appreciate it. But I enjoy watching (Pernell) Whitaker, Ali, Nino Larocca who a lot of people say ran like a dog – he was my favorite fighter at one time. I enjoy and appreciate when you can hit someone – because it’s up to them – I tell people if the guy can’t hit you, it’s up to him to make an adjustment- and not you. Keep making it so he cannot hit you. That’s it, that’s the name of the game. And people may not like it. But if they don’t like it, tell them to come beat you. Find someone that can hit you.”

BoxingInsider: At one time you trained Dawson. Do you see improvement in what he is today compared to when you worked with him?

John Scully: “I trained him as a pro in 2004-2005. I sparred with him when he was 17. He’s physically stronger than he was, and he’s maturing, maturing as a fighter. He’s more in control of himself. He’s not just moving for the sake of moving. I notice now he kept coming back to the center of the ring. That’s textbook boxing. You’re supposed to get off the ropes, go right back to the center, make the guy turn in a circle and find you. I guarantee if you ask anyone, Emanuel (Steward), anyone, Did he fight a masterful fight? They’ll say yeah. They may not say it was exciting but it was a masterful performance.”

BoxingInsider: Did you see anything that he needs to improve upon and do better?

John Scully: “You know what? It’s up to the other people to do something better. Because, right now, if he does that against everybody, he’ll win. How are you going to beat that? A six-ft-three guy that can not get hit and keep going back into the circle. The thing is, maybe if there’s anything, when he gets on the ropes maybe tie up a little better before they get the chance to work. Glen had him there a few times. But it was more Glen not punching than Chad not making him punch. Glen just couldn’t get off. If you got a young, strong guy like (IBF Light Heavyweight champ Tavoris) Cloud, Cloud may go for him, let his hands go. Chad’s gonna have to learn how to tie him up and walk him back out to the center. But you can’t argue with a guy who I thought won 10 out of 12 rounds, maybe 11 out of 12.”

BoxingInsider: This could be an all-time great light heavyweight in the making.

John Scully: “Yeah. I mean, again, they’re gonna have to adjust to him. He has no reason to adjust. Whatsoever. If they don’t like how he fights, somebody’s gonna have to beat him. And get him off TV. Right now, I don’t know who that’s gonna be.”

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