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Carl Frampton Immediately Retires Following Sixth Round Stoppage Defeat To Jamel Herring

By: Hans Themistode

There were questions surrounding Jamel Herring.

The WBO lightweight titlist may have taken home the victory in his last ring appearance against Jonathan Oquendo but many believed he quit the moment an inadvertent headbutt ended their bout. With former two-division world champion Carl Frampton up next, the betting world favored the Irish native.

Yet, no matter how many dubious voices surrounded him, Herring (23-2, 11 KOs) quieted them all.

Once the opening bell rang, it was clear that Frampton was at a decided reach and height disadvantage. The former champion attempted to avoid the long arms of his man and force his way on the inside. His plans, however, fell by the wayside as Herring peppered him with jabs from long distance.

Round two was much of the same as Herring refused to allow Frampton on the inside to muck things up. Several uppercuts during the round seemingly buzzed Frampton throughout the frame but, not to be ignored, he landed several eye-catching shots of his own.

With Herring seemingly in control early on, Frampton was finally able to corner Herring against the ropes to get his offense going. Thanks to a well-timed, but unintentional headbutt, blood spewed profusely from the right eye of Herring. Unafraid of his own blood, the current belt holder simply kept his composure and boxed from the outside.

As the fight continued, Frampton (28-3, 16 KOs) seemingly grew more and more desperate. He continually lunged at his man but hit nothing but air as Herring maneuvered out of the way before letting off his own combinations. With an opportunity to step on the gas, Herring wasted no time. In round five, a short left hand sent Frampton to the canvas. He quickly rose to his feet as if to say it was nothing more than a slip but the following round, Herring went on the attack.

The frame started like the ones before. Frampton bobbed and weaved while inching his way on the inside, while Herring flicked out his jab to keep him at bay. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, Herring landed a deleterious uppercut that sent his man to the deck again. This time, he was hurt. The moment Frampton rose back to his feet, Herring went for it all. Frampton showed no quit as he stumbled across the ring winging shots with no chance to land on the target.

With several unanswered punches connecting, Frampton’s corner waved the white towel to signal an end to their contest in the sixth round. An elated Herring dropped to his knees excited for what he believes was the biggest win of his career.

As for Frampton, the disappointed look on his face said it all. While interviewed following his defeat, the former two-division titlist announced his retirement from the sport of boxing, citing a need to be more in his kid’s lives and around his family more.

The Irish native now walks away after a pro career that spanned a dozen years.

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