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Brother Naazim: Is Floyd As Gangster As Margarito?

Posted on 03/22/2010

What makes a fantastic fight even better is when the characters involved discuss it with intelligent honesty and insight. Brother Naazim Richardson is such an experienced, intelligent and straight talking man. Brother Naazim is one of the top trainers in the world right now. He’s been around boxing and worked with boxing greatness for decades. Here are some of his viewpoints on the May 1 match-up between his man WBA Welterweight champion Shane Mosley vs. Floyd Mayweather in Las Vegas…

BoxingInsider: Do you think that, as Shane said, Floyd got forced into taking this fight with your man Shane Mosley that this could be a factor?

Brother Naazim Richardson: “Here’s the thing. If he got forced I don’t know. If he got forced, he got forced. For not jumping on Pacquiao. If one dance partner don’t want to dance, you gotta find another dance partner. And if you get to a certain level you can beat anybody. He’s still gonna show up, regardless of how, it might’ve been a little of that.”

BoxingInsider: Can Shane look as good again as he did against Margarito?

Brother Naazim Richardson: “Shane is the best Shane Mosley that he could be. We know styles. Do you really think Mayweather, who I apprecaite, do you think Mayweather is as gangster as Margarito? Do you think Mayweather has as much bravado as him? Margarito gonna fight. So those situations will present themselves. Because I saw Mayweather step it up and try to get Marquez out of there. And as soon as he threw something back, he (Mayweather) stepped back in the safe zone, ‘I ain’t going out there.’ It reminded me of that (TV) commercial: It’s snowing, it’s cold out there. I ain’t going out there. This guy was 130 pounds. He’s not about – I’m gonna get hit in the head and all that. Shane and Bernard (Hopkins) – it’s about finishing the show. (Mayweather) ain’t gonna do that. He’s gonna sit back in the pocket and go back to safety. Why would he change that?

BoxingInsider: Are you as confident now as before you were with Shane before the Margarito fight?

Brother Naazim Richardson: “I’m confident for this fight as I was going into the Margarito fight. I’m more confident – not confident – I’m more comfortable than I was for both of the fights than I was for the Berto fight. Shane belongs at this level. This level can never bring down Shane Mosley. Them other levels – then I worry about that. I have to pull him out, make that level.”

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