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Brandon Rios Interview: “We’re just trying to get a fight!”

Posted on 06/03/2015

By: Francisco Martinez

Fresh off his three round “annihilation” of Mike Alvarado, caught up with Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios at his 5k charity event “Stand for hope” as an ambassador along side “Padres contra el cancer” (Parents against cancer) something he has been a part of for the past three years.

Rios managed to get Brandon Rios thoughts and feelings on Kell Brook “calling him out” and a couple of other issues related to him. “We’re here with Brandon Rios who is getting ready to run a 5k. So How are you feeling champ?”

Brandon Rios: “I feel good man, just here chilling. Doing a charity run, actually I have to be here because I’m an ambassador of this event, I help them out a lot. I do a lot of stuff for kids with cancer. So I help them out with padres contra el cancer (parents against cancer), I’m partners with them” “Well that’s a great cause. Let me know a little bit of what your time is going to be, what are you aiming for?”

Brandon Rios: “Right now you know, honestly, we’re just trying to get a fight. It sucks because after a great performance with Alvarado, finished it quick, three rounds, you know I still wanted to fight bad. I think we’re waiting for, honestly I think they where talking about August 8th, to fight Kell Brook so we’re just waiting to see” “Here (U.S.) or over there (U.K.)?”

Brandon Rios: “over there in England. No problem, in his backyard” “Did you see the fight (Brook vs Gavin) yesterday?”

Brandon Rios: “I seen two rounds and it was boring so you know I just changed it man” “So, Brook is boring?”

Brandon Rios: “His style is, he doesn’t have that exciting style which makes a boring fight but at the end of the day, f*ck it, I’ll make that fight come out of him”

Rios_Alvarado_121013_004a “This is a 3 mile run, so what are you trying to hit it under, what time?”

Brandon Rios: “Well I don’t know, my last three times I ran I was in shape, so obviously I did a good time. This time, I’ll probably walk, I don’t know it depends. I haven’t really been hitting the gym as much lately you know, I’m just chilling” “This thing here with (Kell) Brook, he called you out”

Brandon Rios: “He called me out when he fought the first time I heard (In the U.S. against Shawn Porter). He picked out another opponent, a easy opponent, what was his name? I forgot his name. I wanted to fight him before that and he fought another easy opponent, Frankie Gavin. If you’re going to call me out man, let’s fight. Don’t just call me out and not fight, you know what I mean?” “You know a lot of Boxers call you out. As soon as they call you out does your team, management jump on it and say lets do it?”

Brandon Rios: “Yeah because you know, I push for those fights. I tell them right away, they called me out, let’s fight. Let’s make it happen. So you know, it’s like that. So you know I really do want to fight this guy but now I heard on Twitter that he’s all, forget about this bum or some sh*t like that. Let’s fight (Floyd) Mayweather, Keith Thurman or something. Like dude come on man. I’m a bum? Motherf*cker, I’ve fought better fighters then you’ve fought! How am I a bum? You know what I mean, I fought f*cking (Manny) Pacquiao, I fought (Mike) Alvarado, I fought some of the guys up there you know. Not f*cking easy fights and sh*t like that!” “They said Keith Thurman was suppose to fight you next, then he goes and fights Luis Collazo, I mean they said that was already done. What happen? Is there any truth to that?”

Brandon Rios: “That wasn’t true. We never heard anything like that. Those are rumors, Keith Thurman was never brought to my attention, no one ever talked about that fight. Will I fight him, yes. Keith Thurman is one of the best you know, he’s a hard hitting guy and I would love to see if I can stand up to those punches and see if I can go 12 rounds with him but at the end of the day it’s all up to my manager, Cameron Dunkin” “So this event, how many years has this event been going on and you’ve been apart of it?”

Brandon Rios: “Third year doing this event. This is the third year. This is the third year we’ve been with padres contra el cancer (Parent against cancer) so I’ve been with them for three years already” “Well thank you for the time and good luck on your run”

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