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Boxing News UK: “Adamek is one of the few stars in the sport”

Posted on 08/18/2010

While Tomasz Adamek might not get his just due from the mainstream American media and American television networks like HBO or Showtime, respected Boxing News reporter Zachary Levin is one boxing insider who certainly recognizes the extraordinary attributes of the Polish heavyweight contender.

Consider these words penned by Levin in a column at the London, England-based Boxing News web site this week:

“When Tomasz Adamek faces Michael Grant at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, this Saturday, I am not going because I expect to see a competitive fight. (Who knows what Grant brings to the table these days, but my expectations are low.) I am going because I love watching Adamek, who has become one of the few certifiable stars in the sport. And I’m anxious to witness his fans that come out in droves when he fights at this facility; to me, they are as much a part of the show as the fighter himself. Composed mainly of Polish-Americans and newly-arrived Polish immgrants, they are an unabashedly loud and raucous group. God help the poor soul who finds himself sitting in the wrong section, cheering for the wrong man, Grant.”

“I first noticed something different about the red-flag-waving Polska fans when Andrew Golota came on the scene. I couldn’t believe the passion they had for the promising (but chronically self-sabotaging) heavyweight or the sheer numbers he drew. I never felt that the industry fully appreciated how remarkable his following was, be it in New York, Atlantic City, his adopted Chicago or his native Poland. Imagine if Golota had believed in his abilities the way his fans did? Imagine if he were a real winner instead of a guy who inexplicably threw away huge victories that were easily in hand?”

“In Adamek we may have some answers. Capable and exciting like Golota, he’s also a self-confident winner, a man who will do whatever it takes to secure victory.”

You can read the rest of Levin’s column here:

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