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Boxing Insider Interviews Shawn “Showtime” Porter: “My only job is to punch (Broner) in the mouth!”

By: Francisco Martinez

Exclusive interview with Shawn “Showtime” Porter by at the Adrien Broner vs Shawn Porter press conference. Shawn Porter talks to us about the “Catchweight” that was necessary to make the fight happen along with going through the amateur ranks along side Adrien “The Problem” Broner, his opponent for June 20th and the MGM in Las Vegas, Nevada for the PBC.

porter “In your last fight you got off to a slow start. Was that because of the late change in opponent or was some ring rust involved in that?”

Shawn Porter: “I would say it was the change in opponent. You know we took a look at him just a little bit prior to the fight. We didn’t get much (film), so we wanted to come out, establish the jab, feint, see what he’s going to do and go from there. That game plan worked very well for us” “What changes have you made since your loss to Kell Brook?”

Shawn Porter: “No big, major, drastic changes. Just doing the right things, that’s it” “You where sparring with Paul Sapadafora, tell me a little bit of how it is to spar a former champion like Paul Spadafora?” (Paul Spadafora was the former IBF Lightweight champion of the world)

Shawn Porter: “It was good. My dad (Kenny Porter) was working with Paul, trying to get him back in the ring that didn’t workout. He would come in the back end of my training sessions. If I was at round ten he would give me eleven and twelve or if I was at twelve he would give me thirteen, fourteen. That would help him and also push me where I needed to be” “Hank Lundy is also preparing you for this fight and that prepares him for Mauricio Herrera. Tell me a little bit of what Lundy brings to a sparring session?”

Shawn Porter: “Hank is a fighter. Hank is from Philadelphia and he lets you know it. You see it in his style of Boxing and also in his style outside of the ring. He’s a great guy, he’s been great to us and has helped us tremendously in how many rounds we need, he gives them to us and he’s been there the whole way. My dad always brings in the best guys for us to go and he brought one of the best guys we’ve had in camp” “Would you say you have a good idea in your mind on how to go about beating Broner being that you guys grew up through the amateur ranks and know each other very well?”

Shawn Porter: “I don’t think so. I’m not going back that far. I am going back a little ways in his career and looking at what he did and what he can do but I think more then anything my dads (trainer) game plan gets the job done” “Do you think Broner’s outside ring antics like the run ins with the law and the thing at the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight week, do you think those will affect his performance?” (Broner was arrested during that weekend)

Shawn Porter: “You know what, I think at some point all that stuff shows up in your life. For a fighter unfortunate but it could show up in the fight. I’m not expecting that to show up in the fight, that it holds him back . I’m expecting him to be the greatest he has ever been in the ring with me” “Broner said kind words about you when he was up there at the podium. He didn’t have anything bad to say about you, usually he has a mental game he likes to play. Are you prepared for that?”

Shawn Porter: “I was prepared for that long ago you know. Just watching and seeing the way he talks and the things he does. I know what he’s capable of. A few words during the face off or whatever but it doesn’t bother me” “What did he say to you during the face off?”

Shawn Porter: “It’s doesn’t matter” “If he does decide to go that route with you, back talk, the verbal back and forward are you going to embrace that or are you just going to let him do the talking?”

Shawn Porter: “My only job is to punch him in the mouth! My job is not to retaliate to anything he says outside the ring, anything he does outside the ring. My job is to get in the ring and retaliate to what he’s doing and do what we can do to get the victory” “Is this a must win situation for both of you?”

Shawn Porter: “It’s always a must win situation for whoever you’re in the ring with. You know I always get in the ring with, you have to win no matter what” “How important was the catchweight in order to make this fight happen?” (Fight is being contested at a catchweight of 144lbs)

Shawn Porter: “I think it was important. I don’t know for sure but I think if we don’t agree to it this fight wouldn’t be happening” “So you think he might be scared to fight you at 147lbs?” (Welterweight)

Shawn Porter: “I don’t know if he’s scared or he feels it’s going to help him or whatever, my job is to make 144lbs and be ready to fight” “You haven’t fought at 140lbs (Junior Welterweight) in a while. Do you think it’s going to affect you come fight night?”

Shawn Porter: “I don’t think so. I know it’s not because our rehydration protocol and all that good stuff it works for us. We’ll be fine”

Photos From Suzanne Teresa/Premier Boxing Champions

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