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Boxing Insider Interviews Robert Guerrero “you gotta be ready for whoever is in front of you”

Posted on 06/04/2015

By: Francisco Martinez

Robert Guerrero will Face the rugged Aron Martinez at the Stub Hub center on a PBC on NBC showcase. was at hand with Robert Guerrero for his media day workout in Santa Monica, CA at the Wild Card West Boxing club. “The opponent you’re taking on, the fans don’t know much about him. What can we expect in this fight? Being that you usually fight the bigger names like (Floyd) Mayweather, (Keith) Thurman, (Andre) Berto”

ghostgirl Photo: Suzanne Teresa/Premier Boxing Champions

Robert Guerrero: “Expect me to come to fight you know, like I always do. No matter who it is you got to be prepared for everybody. You know his name is not as big but everytime someone gets in with me you know they come 10 percent better because this is their opportunity to do something big in the sports so you know that’s one of things, you gotta be ready for whoever is in front of you” “Is this fight some what of a easy fight, tune up because you’ve been fighting the better names, you know (Floyd) Mayweather. Is this some what of a tune up for you?”

Robert Guerrero: “You can never take any fighter as a tune up. The minute you start taking fights as tune ups is when they creep up and bite you in the butt so, you gotta be ready for everybody like I said. You never know the last few months there’s been a lot of upsets in Boxing and you just got to be ready because you never know. This is the opportunity of a life time, fighting on NBC network TV. You know with calibre fighter like me it’s a opportunity to do something big in the sports” “You just fought. Keith Thurman is a very difficult fight. You’re back in the ring. Do you think you have enough rest to recuperate from such a difficult fight?”

Robert Guerrero: “Most definitely. I feel great, I felt great after the fight. A little bit sore but nothing crazy but one of the things is I’ve been doing a lot of cross fit, the recovery is incredible so I felt really good. I was back in the gym three weeks after”

ghost22 “You started off a little bit slow in that fight. Do you think maybe you should’ve gotten your punches off quicker?”

Robert Guerrero: “Oh, definitely! You know I should’ve gotten started a lot earlier in the fight. You know I usually do. I go right for it but you know, the one thing is being inactive, not having enough activity. You start developing habits. I felt like I went in there kind of like I was sparring for the first couple of rounds then I turned the gas on. That’s why you gotta stay busy and stay on it” “A lot of fighters say that Keith Thurman is one of the biggest punchers out there. He put you down, was that a good punch and how would you rate his power?”

Robert Guerrero: “He does got power. He caught me with a shot. I wasn’t really hurt bad but he does have power. He’s a hard hitter but I walked through a bunch of his punches. It didn’t really affect me at all” “You fought (Floyd) Mayweather and then (Keith) Thurman. What chance do you think Keith Thurman stands against (Floyd) Mayweather?”

Robert Guerrero: “The difficult thing with (Floyd) Mayweather is the speed. He’s not a very big puncher but his speed is beyond fast so that’s the difference in every fight. He’s way faster then everybody else. He can get away with a lot of stuff. As you see with the (Manny) Pacquiao fight he had Pacquiao befuddled. He was picking and pocking and moving on him. It froze Manny (Pacquiao) a lot of times so you know, Manny (Pacquiao) is probably the second fastest guy out there. The speed difference between him and (Keith) Thurman is way crazy. I mean, I got to (Keith) Thurman the last half of the fight and put it on him. Mayweather, you can barely touch him” “So you don’t think (Keith) Thurman’s power and size would be something he could impose on (Floyd) Mayweather?”

Robert Guerrero: “Oh no, not at all. You know for me coming up from 122lbs (Super Batamnweight) and walking (Keith) Thurman down, I don’t think, it’s not happening. The problem is (Keith) Thurman can’t fight coming forward If someone’s inside on him. (Floyd) Mayweather figures that out that he can’t fight on the inside he’s just gonna pick him apart and then, also too, getting to (Floyd) Mayweather you know, if (Keith) Thurman has to put pressure then it’s not happening”


ROBERT GUERRERO made the following quotes at the press conference:

“I’m excited to get back in the ring. I’ve trained very hard and my focus is fully on this fight. Saturday afternoon you’re going to see a great fight.

“It’s a unique event starting so early. I’ll get up, eat and go fight but I’m ready for it.

“I want to fight often, inactivity is the worst thing for a fighter. I want to fight three-four times per year, every year.

“I never take another fighter lightly. This is a huge opportunity for Aron Martinez and I’m sure he’ll be ready for a real fight.

“Fighting on NBC puts all the eyes on me. I know how big of a platform this is.

“StubHub Center is a terrific venue, fans are right on top of you. I love fighting there and I’m not going to leave the fans disappointed.”

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