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Boxing Insider Interview with Daniel Jacobs: The Best vs. The Best

Posted on 02/15/2017

Boxing Insider Interview with Daniel Jacobs: The Best vs. The Best
By: Francisco Martinez

March 18th Gennady Golovkin vs Daniel Jacobs for all the belts at the Madison Square Garden in New York. A fight between the two top middleweight fighters in the world with the winner going on to claim 160lbs dominance. Gennady Golovkin will bring pure brute power while Daniel Jacobs will look to utilize his own power in return along with speed and his technique to try and avoid Golovkin’s power in a bout that trainer Abel Sanchez believes won’t go the distance. had the opportunity to catch up with Daniel Jacobs and ask him a few questions as he is 6 weeks away from battling for the WBC, IBF, WBA & IBO middleweight titles.


BoxingInsider: “How’s training camp so far?”

Daniel Jacobs: “Great. Training camp is going very well. It was a great decision to come out here. Finish my training camp here. See some different things. Clear my mind and be away from a lot of distractions but just ultimately get that good training. Get that good endurance and make sure I can be in my best possible shape”

Daniel Jacobs added a few additions to his team having moved his training camp to Oakland, California away from back home in New York Jacobs and trainer Andre Rozier will be assisted by 2011 Boxing Writers Association of American Trainer Of The Year Virgil Hunter and nutritionist Chris Algieri former 140lbs WBO champ. Who will be in charge of preparing Daniel Jacobs meals throughout camp heading into March 18th.

BoxingInsider: “So much is being said about Gennady Golovkin’s perception of being the most feared middleweight out there. What do you expect from him come fight time?”

Daniel Jacobs: “Well, I don’t expect to fear him. I don’t fear him. I can see why people say that. I’m a fighter through and through. I don’t fear any person and to go inside that ring with a feared mentality, why even go inside the ring?”

Daniel Jacobs has been put down twice in his career once beaten my Dmitry Pirog who put Jacobs down who failed to rise before the count. However the circumstances before the fight played a major role in Jacobs performance that night. Having gone into the fight losing his grandmother a week before the WBO title bout. Daniel Jacobs has also showed the ability get back up after being floored. Doing just that when he faced Sergio Mora but at the same time Mora isn’t a fighter known for his power. Having only 9 K.O’s in a total of 35 fights the Latin Snake never relied on his power but his complicated skill. So the question of Jacobs chin arises heading into this bout.

BoxingInsider: “I know as a fighter you don’t want to feel his power but the question arises throughout the media and fans that, could you take his punch? What do you take to that questions? Why is that question being asked?”

Daniel Jacobs: “I think it’s being asked cause clearly people questioned my chin for some odd reason because I’ve been down two times in my career. I mean if you wanna questioned that about me being two times is understandable. He’s also a very strong guy he’s put out a lot of different guys as well. So I can understand why the questiones are there but it’s just up to me to prove that I’m bigger than that. That I’m stronger. I’m better. That I can prevent those things”

Gennady Golovkin faced Kell Brook a 147lbs fighter who made a 2 division jump in a act of daring to be great and In the process suffering a broken orbital bone and a beating his team was forced to intervene in and throw in the towel in the fifth round but not before Brook was able to get his licks in and at one point land on Golovkin and rocking him with a few punches. Leaving a aftermath of questions regarding Golovkin’s ability to take a punch being that a fighter 2 division below him shook him with his punches.

BoxingInsider: “As for yourself the questions you have in part of Gennady Golovkin. Kell Brook seemed like he was able to rock him during the fight he’s a much smaller fighter. If you land on him what do you expect? What can you do if you’re able to land clean on him?”

Daniel Jacobs: “I don’t know what to expect. We don’t know how truly he can handle those punches but if he allows me to hit him than I guess will see at that present time”

BoxingInsider: “Do you think his chin might be a question?”

Daniel Jacobs: “I don’t know. Anybody can be hurt. This is boxing. This whole genetic thing and this whole talk about he’s unstoppable. He’s never been hurt and you know all this talk about his chin is gonna be questioned once he gets hit by a true middleweight. I’m looking forward to just winning. However that win comes, I’m just looking forward to it. The questions about his chin. The questions about his heart is up for debate but at the end of the day I don’t care about that I just want to win”

Daniel Jacobs is coming into this bout with 29 K.O’s compared to Gennady Golovkin’s 33 knockouts who’s heading into this fight with 23 consecutive K.O’s, T.K.O’s or stoppages making Golovkin’s head trainer Abel Sanchez claims of this fight ending within the distance a highly likely scenario an adding to the combined total of 62 knockouts by both men. Gennady Golovkin vs Daniel Jacobs at the Madison Square Garden live on HBO PPV all the way from New York don’t miss it.

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