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Bob Arum On Tyson Fury: “You’ve Got To Take Everything That Tyson Says With A Grain Of Salt”

By: Sean Crose

Tyson Fury has been making quite a lot of news lately. First, he called out fellow heavyweight Derek Chisora, who he’s battled and bested twice. Then the towering Englishman announced that he had a new trainer in Isaac Lowe. Then, if that wasn’t enough, the undefeated WBC and lineal champion of the world announced his retirement yet again. Still, Fury’s co-promoter, Bob Arum, isn’t really buying any of it. Speaking to FightHub, Arum let the world know exactly how he sees things in regard to his fighter. “Tyson likes the microphones and the cameras’ focus on him,” he said when asked about Fury calling out Chisora.

And the fact that Fury has hired a new trainer? “It’s all bullshit,” Arum responded. “It’s Tyson Fury. That’s his buddy, Isaac Lowe, who’s a fighter.” And so Fury hasn’t broken the professional tie between himself and Sugar Hill Stewart? “No,” said Arum. “He and Sugar Hill are as tight as ever.” If what Arum says is true, then, Fury is nowhere close to really retiring. “It always was (hogwash)” he stated. Arum then made the bottom line (at least as he sees it) clear.

“You’ve got to take everything that Tyson says with a grain of salt,” said Arum, “just the way I remember with Ali. Everything boxing wise that he said you had to take with a grain of salt.” As for the future, Arum believes Fury will be looking to square off against the winner of next week’s Oleksandr Usyk – Anthony Joshua heavyweight title rematch. “All of that has to be worked out,” said Arum of his man fighting the winner, “and we like to do it as soon as possible.” And who does Arum have winning the second Usyk-Joshua fight? Usyk won the first one, of course, but it’s worth remembering Joshua came back to beat his previous conqueror, Andy Ruiz, in their 2019 rematch.

“I think probably Usyk will be even better and Joshua not as good,” said Arum of the second Usyk-Joshua go round. Arum then gave his thoughts on Anthony Joshua now working with acclaimed American trainer Robert Garcia. “Robert Garcia’s an excellent trainer,” said Arum, “but what experience does he really have training a heavyweight?” Probably not much, truth be told. Whether or not that lack of experience will prove detrimental to Joshua remains to be seen. No doubt Arum will be following matters closely. He’d like his man Fury to be next in line for the winner, after all.

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