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Biofile with Mike Jones

Posted on 12/20/2011

Status: IBF mandatory challenger will box Randall Bailey for the vacant IBF Welterweight title.

Ht:   5-11  Wt: 147

DOB:   April 26, 1983  In: Philadelphia, PA

First Boxing Memory:  “It goes back…probably watching Oscar De La Hoya or Mike Tyson when I was little.”

Boxing Inspirations:  “Joe Frazier. I grew up in Joe Frazier’s gym. Marvis Frazier. A lot of guys at Joe Frazier’s gym when I started boxing when I was 15. Showed me how hard to work and what it takes to be champ.”

Nicknames:  “My nickname is Machine Gun, I threw a lot of punches in the amateurs.”

Favorite Movies:  “Braveheart, Apocalypto.”

Last Book Read:  “Had to be The Juicing Bible book. Nutrition.”

First Job:  “Had to be handing out pizza brochures to houses around the neighborhood.”

First Car:  “Buick Century 95 (gold).”

Current Car:  “Ford Edge 2008.”

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor:  “Chocolate.”

Greatest Sports Moment:  “Greatest moment of my career so far…pulling out the win in my first fight with (Jesus) Soto Karass (at Cowboys Stadium in 2010).”

Most Painful Moment:  “Breaking my ankle. Jumpin’ over a tree when running. I had to walk back for a mile.”

Funny Boxing Memory:  “Can’t think of one right now.”

Do You Have An Embarrassing Boxing Memory:  “Not that I know.”

Favorite Boxers To Watch:  “Nonito Donaire. Seems like he stays in very good shape. His power is unbelievable at the weight that he fights. His reflexes and quickness are very good.”

Favorite Sport Outside Boxing:  “I like basketball and football about the same.”

Which Fight Were You At Your Best:  “My sharpest performance had to be – I forget the guy’s name. My first fight when I fought in Las Vegas (KO 1 Gilbert Guevara in 2007).”

Strangest Fight:  “I got my hand caught on the rope one time. And got an eight-count from it. As an amateur.”

Toughest Opponent:  “Had to be Soto Karass. Just wouldn’t stop coming.”

People Qualities Most Admired:  “Honesty. Humbleness. Loyalty.”


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