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Bernard Hopkins, You Did It Again! (A Poem)

Posted on 10/19/2010

By Dr. Melvin Stanley

Bernard, Bernard,
You did it once again.
won when they said you couldn’t win.

Bernard, Bernard,
Yes, once again.
Not only did you win Bernard
But in scintillating fashion was this sweet pugilistic win.

Bernard, Bernard
You took the young lad to school.
And you showed once again Bernard,
Once in the ring, its you who solely rule.

Bernard, Bernard,
You can’t be 43.
you moved all through the night like sweet poetry.

You jabbed and hooked him.
Always beating him to the punch.
Off the ropes or in the middle of the ring with him,
You had him for dinner, breakfast and lunch.

Oh you were so beautiful,
On this another great night.
So masterful and skillful,
“B-Hop”,they crowd kept yelling through out the fight.

Bernard, why do they doubt you?,
Despite the great things you do.
What is it about you,
That always they grudgingly doubt you?

Bernard, Bernard,
On this so sweet a night.
On this night Bernard,
You were just totally out of sight.

it seemed you simply picked up where you ended with Tarver.
On this not B-hop,
not the, “Executioner” you were really, “Darth Vader”.
what a lovely cake of greatness you continue to bake.
And on this night Bernard,
You both had and ate your cake.

(Note: This poem was penned by the New York City journalist and radio personality Dr. Melvin Stanley who has been covering professional boxing since the 1960’s and is the first man to interview Don King on the radio.)

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