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Artur Beterbiev Destroys Marcus Browne, Stops Him In Nine

Posted on 12/18/2021

By: Hans Themistode

There was a steely look of determination etched onto the face of Marcus Browne. The 31-year-old light heavyweight contender knew good and well that he was a massive underdog heading into his showdown against unified titlist Artur Beterbiev but he refused to believe the betting public. However, as their contest began unfolding, Beterbiev beat him into submission.

Browne attempted to quiet the crowd at Bell Centre in Montreal. He boxed on the outside in the opening round and continually stuck his jab square into the face of Beterbiev. After dominating the first two rounds, the unified titlist attempted to find his rhythm in the third. He aggressively moved forward but found himself on the receiving end of several hard shots.

At the start of the fourth, Beterbiev once again attempted to navigate his way on the inside. Browne, however, waited until his man came in close, then quickly rushed in to tie him up. In the process, both men clashed heads. While Browne would suffer a slight gash in the corner of his right eye, a serious wound opened up in the center of Beterbiev’s forehead.

As blood began gushing down, Browne immediately took advantage. He tagged Beterbiev with stinging lefts and rights while dancing around his oncoming offensive onslaught.

In fear of a referee stoppage due to his worsening cut, Beterbiev found his touch in the sixth round. He physically pushed Browne against the ropes and began pounding away to the body. As Browne began wilting, he was saved by the sound of the bell. Nonetheless, he wouldn’t be afforded that same reprieve in the following round.

In the seventh, Beterbiev picked up exactly where he left off. He bullied Browne against the ropes, before connecting with a strong right hand to the body. Once Browne felt the blow, he immediately backed away in pain while placing his hands down in an attempt to protect his body. His defensive strategy, however, was one Beterbiev had been hoping for, as he dropped Browne to the canvas with a left hand. Ultimately, Browne managed to not only crawl back to his feet but he fought his way out of trouble in the eighth round.

The former WBA interim titlist fought toe to toe with Beterbiev in the period and attempted to do so again in the ninth. But while he found moments of success in the eighth, the ninth saw him crumble underneath the power of Beterbiev.

After visibly hurting Browne in the ninth, Beterbiev began thumping away at the body, forcing Browne to take a knee. Referee Michael Griffin immediately began his ten count. And while Browne looked directly at Griffin while attempting to take a deep breath, he allowed him to reach his full ten count before walking away dejected as his world title dreams came to an abrupt end.

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